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GE scientists build a greatly improved traction motor for EVs

Engineers at GE Global Research recently tested a prototype Interior Permanent Magnet traction motor that is more powerful, more efficient and less costly than the best motors on the market today. The new motor can also run at a higher temperature, eliminating the need for a dedicated cooling loop.  GE’s prototype operates at a peak… Read more »

NFPA unveils online EV safety training for first responders

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) announced the launch of an online version of its electric vehicle safety training course for first responders. The online curriculum is based on the classroom sessions currently being delivered across the country. The NFPA’s Electric Vehicle Safety Training Project, funded by a $4.4 million grant from the DOE, has… Read more »

Indian government plans large investments to promote EVs and hybrids

Zee News reported that the Indian government plans to invest 13,000 crore rupees (about $2.4 billion) over a period of eight years to promote electric and hybrid vehicles in the country. The Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises is drafting a National Mission for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (NMHEV) in consultation with various automakers,… Read more »

UPDATED: German tech company shopping for EV battery technology company to acquire

[Correction: 6/22/2012 5:00PM EST] It was brought to our attention that our coverage this story did not accurately portray the intentions of Manz. So, we chatted with Wolfgang Jeutter, Head of Manz US operations, to clear things up.   Clarification of the Bloomberg article, quoting Dieter Manz at Intersolar Trade Fare in Munich: Manz is looking… Read more »

Coulomb partners with National Grid to extend ChargePoint network throughout New York State

Empire State EV owners should see their range anxiety steadily receding. Charging station manufacturer Coulomb Technologies announced this week that it has partnered with power provider National Grid to extend Coulomb’s ChargePoint Network throughout New York State. The company received a million bucks in funding (part of a promised $4.4 million) from the New York… Read more »