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California Energy Commission awards $9 million in grants for commercial EV manufacturing

The California Energy Commission has awarded nearly $9 million in grants to three companies to encourage the manufacturing of heavy-duty EVs and components in the state. Proterra received a $3 million grant to develop a manufacturing line for battery-electric transit buses in the City of Industry in the San Gabriel Valley. The location is in… Read more »

Foothill Transit inaugurates fully electric bus line

As cities around the world test electric buses, Foothill Transit – a public transportation provider in Los Angeles County, California – will start regular service on a fully electric bus line this week. Four years ago, Foothill Transit became the first public transit agency to put fast-charging electric buses into service.  It now has a… Read more »

Electric buses begin to take over the public transit world

The humble city bus is quietly (also smoothly and emissions-free) going electric. In the past couple of months alone, Chicago, Washington DC, Portland, Oregon and London have begun trials of battery-electric buses, and the Chinese city of Hangzhou has placed an order for 2,000. China’s BYD is building buses in California and planning a factory… Read more »

ABB and Volvo form partnership for bus fast charging

Swiss power and automation group ABB has announced a partnership with Volvo Buses to co-develop and commercialize electric and hybrid buses with open standards-based DC fast charging systems. The partners will develop a standardized system that can charge electric and hybrid buses quickly through an automatic roof-top connection system at bus stops, or through cabled… Read more »

Federal regulators may block Long Beach BYD electric bus purchase

Long Beach Transit’s plan to buy 10 electric buses from Chinese-owned BYD has had a rocky road. Shortly after the transit board approved the deal last March, rival bus maker Proterra cried foul, and a couple of politicians asked why the contract didn’t go to a local firm. In October, questions were raised about the… Read more »

UQM Technologies secures $5.3 million in additional financing

Colorado-based UQM Technologies, a manufacturer of electric motors, generators and power electronic controllers, has closed on a $5.3-million offering of stock and warrants to institutional investors. The company plans to use the new funds for potential joint ventures, capacity expansion in new regions, and working capital for new business opportunities that are currently being pursued…. Read more »

UQM Technologies introduces PowerPhase HD 250 high-voltage motor/controller system

Colorado-based UQM Technologies, Inc. (NYSE MKT: UQM) has added the PowerPhase HD 250 to its line of components for heavy-duty EVs. This system consists of a permanent magnet motor/generator and a DSP-based controller, and is designed for high-voltage electric and hybrid vehicles, including heavy commercial truck, transit bus and marine applications. “The PowerPhase HD 250… Read more »

BYD electric bus deals questioned after testing finds problems

Chinese EV-maker BYD has been in the news lately, selling its electric buses to transit authorities in cities around the world. Alas, the ride in a city bus, regardless of its powertrain, is seldom as smooth as one would wish. In March, the Long Beach Transit Board approved a $12.1 million contract to purchase 10… Read more »

VIDEO: Jay Leno takes a cruise in the 2014 Cadillac ELR

Now that Tesla has made EVs cool, most of the “car guys” are more or less grudgingly acknowledging their existence. But Jay Leno has been a serious electrification advocate all along. In previous episodes of Jay Leno’s Garage, he has featured not only the Model S, but the Mission R electric motorcycle, an electric truck… Read more »