Ways To Improve The Insulation Lifetime In Presence of Partial Discharges

Presented by:

  • Alexander Litinsky, Head of Internal Application Engineering, Axalta Coating Systems

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Oct 19, 2022, 9:30 am EDT

Since the introduction of inverters for RPM control in electrical motors, the phenomenon of electrical discharges in low voltage machines gained awareness among experts.

Depending on the supply cable length, the inverter type, as well as the characteristics of used semiconductors the voltage on stator terminals, can reach a significantly higher value compared to the actual inverter output voltage.

At the same time the insulation systems for low voltage motors were never designed to withstand the presence of partial discharges in operation. In view of the latest trends towards faster switching semiconductors as well as 800V operating voltage for e-drives, the ability to handle partial discharges is becoming increasingly important. New developments in the field of insulation materials have the ability to specifically address this challenge.

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