Advanced Material Solutions For Automotive Power Module Applications

Presented by:

  • Habib Mustain, Power Electronics Segment Manager, Heraeus

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Oct 19, 2022, 2:45 pm EDT

In recent years, high power electronics have become one of the fastest growing market segments of the semiconductor industry. Power electronic modules used therein are typically operating at high voltage and high current density and must cope with high temperatures and harsh conditions. The demand for higher efficiency of electrical drive systems in e-mobility, meaning longer travel distance or higher speed per battery loading, requires high power density packaging solutions, perfectly matched material combinations providing high temperature stability and maximum reliability of drivetrain inverters in electric vehicles.

Increased power density and operating temperature of a power module require more efficient and highly reliable interconnections to fulfill the demands. Heraeus Electronics developed the Die Top System to enable copper wires or ribbons be placed on top of the die. The combination of the Die Top System with power Cu wire/ribbon can maximize the power density and power cycling reliability/lifetime of a power module. Matched pre-applied sinter pastes and the functional surface of the Si3N4 AMB substrate provide robust and simplified die assembly results in improved die shear strength and reliability. Pre-sintered metal ceramic substrates are the alternative for module manufacturers who look for simplified production processes and prefer to use pre-applied sinter material instead of printing paste.

Traditionally, silicon nitride Active Metal Brazed (AMB) substrates are considered the best substrate solution to fulfill the high requirements on heat dissipation and high-power density for automotive power modules. The drawback of Si3N4 based AMBs are high costs. Original equipment manufacturers want to have a “good enough” performing substrate instead of an expensive, best performing and high reliable substrate to assemble the power module cost-effectively for electric vehicle applications. Heraeus Electronics has developed Condura®.ultra –an alternative unique cost-effective Si3N4 Ag free AMB substrate for this application. Apart from its unique feature being Ag free, it has similar properties as an AMB substrate. The Condura®.ultra Si3N4 Ag free AMB substrate is well positioned, being a sufficiently performing substrate, cost-effective, and highly reliable to meet the hybrid/electric vehicles drive train power module requirements.

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