Beyond The Product Portfolio: Value-Added Services You Should Expect from Your Suppliers

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  • Patricia Adame, Senior Application Engineer, Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

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Oct 17, 2022, 9:15 am EDT

The worldwide electric vehicle market is rapidly gaining traction, with many local and global suppliers offering solutions for EV battery pack applications such as thermal runaway protection, compression pads, pack seals, thermal interface materials and more. As Design and Release Engineers, you are accustomed to referencing product data sheets as a starting point, but wouldn't it be ideal to work with the supplier directly to get tangible feedback on how a product's properties and functionality can impact behavior and performance in your specific project?

As we continue to define the needs of this emerging market, standards are still being developed and technical requirements often see changes from one project to the next. With this changing landscape, it's critical that suppliers think beyond the product portfolio to deliver technical expertise and know-how through value-added benefits and services that give actionable real-world application feedback. In this webinar you can expect to learn about what possibilities exist to achieve this goal, including testing capabilities, simulation, product customization and co-development, assembly optimization and more. Discover the best ways to leverage your suppliers technical capabilities to innovate.

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