Top 5 Techniques For Analyzing Lithium Battery Cells

Presented by:

  • Elijah Kerry, Chief Offering Manager, Transportation, NI

  • Mike Paterson, Principal Applications Engineer, Automotive, NI

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Oct 18, 2022, 11:45 am EDT

With demand for EV batteries seeing an impressive 30 percent year-over-year growth, pressure continues to increase for Automotive OEM’s and Tier 1’s to keep pace. Among the many levers you have available to ramp battery production, test coverage and strategy are one of the top 3 improvements that make a significant difference in your ability to hit time-to-market demands and differentiate yourself within the industry. While testing early throughout the battery design, development, and production process is important, performing the right tests is critical for increasing battery performance, reducing cost through improved yields, and gaining valuable insights in your battery performance amidst the evolving battery technology landscape.

In this session we’ll cover the top 5 techniques for analyzing lithium batteries, such as ACIR and EIS, and show you how the flexibility of NI’s platform enables performing all these tests with the same set of instrumentation while providing the ability to scale with your test needs.

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