Thermal Runaway Early Detection: Critical Sensors And Connections For Safe Battery Management

Presented by:

  • Gregory Smith, Business Development Manager, Amphenol Communications Solutions

  • Brian Engle, Director of Business Development, Amphenol Sensors

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Oct 19, 2022, 1:15 pm EDT

In this session, you will hear from the Amphenol Advanced Sensors Group and the Amphenol ICC group. The Sensors group will discuss the “Robust Early Detection of Thermal Runaway” in Lithium-ion battery technology. Attendees will learn of the physics and chemistry of battery failure, the hazards of damaged battery systems, and the means of reliably detecting the moment a damaged battery cell vents in a variety of applications from small consumer applications to mobile and large scale stationary storage applications using Amphenol’s REDTR sensor platform.

The Amphenol ICC portion will cover Battery Management Systems (BMS) and the need for efficient control and monitoring of an integrated battery system. A BMS is made up of several electronic systems incorporating interconnect solutions that provide a connection path between the battery pack and various diagnostic, control and monitoring systems. During this session, Amphenol ICC will outline specific solutions that can be used in BMS applications within the automotive, material handling, robotics and outdoor equipment markets.

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