Developing A Sustainable High-Power V2X Test Solution

Presented by:

  • Stephane Desroches, System Designer, Averna

  • Benjamin Giguere, System Designer, Averna

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Oct 18, 2022, 10:15 am EDT

Managing high-power systems can be challenging and dangerous on the manufacturing floor. The electrical power requirements for EVs are different than what a normal electrical utility network can provide. This requires a reliable manufacturing test solution to implement an energy management system to provide results safely and smartly. By developing a sustainable solution designed to recycle generated energy and meet all compliance regulations, test and manufacturing becomes efficient & affordable.

Join Averna’s experts Stéphane Desroches, Senior System Engineer and Customer Solutions Architect and Benjamin Giguere, System Architect as they share their in-field experience of how to do develop a highly sustainable test solution designed for V2X, V2V and V2H applications!
Register to learn more about: industry challenges in V2X testing, the do's and dont's for high-power testing, and sustainable testing options.

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