Texas LEAF buyers get a year of free charging

The goodies just keep coming for drivers who go electric. Nissan and NRG eVgo have teamed up to offer LEAF buyers and lessees in the Dallas-Fort Worth and greater Houston areas free access to eVgo public charging stations for a year. Under the “No Charge to Charge” program, customers who lease or purchase a new… Read more »

ChargePoint hints at new lease deal on charging stations

It’s a familiar dilemma in green tech: the long-term benefits are substantial, but high upfront costs keep buyers from taking the plunge. This spells opportunity for companies that can find ways to remove this objection. Tesla’s cousin SolarCity is one example – it has achieved huge success by offering leases that let property owners enjoy savings… Read more »

BMW plans PHEV versions of its entire model range

Just in case anyone still doubts BMW’s commitment to electrification, a spokesman spelled it out this week in no uncertain terms. “We are planning to have a plug-in hybrid in each and every model series,” BMW’s head of production for large vehicles, Peter Wolf, told motoring.com.au this week. “So far we have the 3, 5… Read more »

ABB multi-standard fast charger receives EU safety certification

European electronics giant ABB has received CE marking approval for its 50 kW Terra 53 CCS DC fast charging station. The CE mark demonstrates compliance with all relevant European Union safety regulations. The Terra 53 supports both the CCS and CHAdeMO DC fast charging standards, making it compatible with every EV on European roads, and… Read more »

Palo Alto may require new houses to be charging-station-ready

Palo Alto, California, home of Tesla Motors, is already one of the most charged cities in the US, and this week, three city council members unveiled plans to make it even more so. Mayor Greg Scharff, Vice Mayor Nancy Shepherd and Council Member Gail Price are recommending a package of laws that would require all… Read more »

Andromeda Power introduces portable DC fast charger

Here’s a handy piece of equipment – a portable DC Level 3 charger that can deliver a jump start for an EV. ORCA Inceptive is aimed at EV fleet operators, roadside assistance companies, service stations or anyone who needs a temporary fast charging station (e.g. for events). It was designed in Italy, but is manufactured… Read more »

Tesla’s Model S buyback offer may generate substantial future revenue

Tesla insists on doing things differently, and the unconventional financing it offers on Model S is one example. The company guarantees a resale value of 50 percent of the original purchase price after 36 months – it’s technically a loan, but in a way, it works more like a lease. It’s a pretty good deal… Read more »

University of Colorado researchers to commercialize new solid-state battery

The University of Colorado Boulder (CU) has signed an agreement with Solid Power LLC, a spin-off company, to develop and commercialize a solid-state battery technology that has the potential to greatly improve EV range. Solid Power, founded by Se-Hee Lee and Conrad Stoldt, both associate professors of mechanical engineering, was recently awarded a $3.4 million… Read more »