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Zenlabs reveals test results for its new pouch cells for e-aviation

Battery cell company Zenlabs Energy has announced the results of energy and power testing on its new large-format pouch cells as part of broader testing performed by independent third-party test lab Energy Assurance. Designed for the electric aviation market, the new large-format cells have a 32 Ah capacity. In 12C rate testing involving about 394… Read more »

Zenlabs says its silicon anode cells are ready for commercialization after 1,000-cycle testing

Idaho National Laboratory (INL) has successfully tested over 1,000 charge-discharge cycles using high-energy silicon anode pouch cells made by Zenlabs Energy.  Zenlabs received a $4.8-million, 50% cost-share development contract from the United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC) to develop low-cost, fast-charge EV batteries.  As a part of the USABC program, Zenlabs delivered its 12 Ah… Read more »

USABC awards $4.8-million battery tech contract to Zenlabs Energy

Battery company Zenlabs Energy has received a $4.8-million contract from the US Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC) to develop low-cost, fast-charging batteries. The goal of the contract is to develop optimized cell designs and a scalable pre-Li method for high-capacity silicon oxide anodes. The 50 percent share contract funds a 30-month project. USABC is a subsidiary… Read more »

Ionblox raises $24 million in Series B funding for its aviation-capable battery cells

Battery cell producer Ionblox (previously known as Zenlabs Energy) has closed a $24-million Series B funding round with investors including Applied Ventures, Catalus Capital, and Lilium, the developer of an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. The company will use the investment to continue scaling operations and increasing manufacturing capabilities. Earlier this year, Ionblox… Read more »