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Valmet Automotive starts battery production in Finland

Valmet Automotive has started producing batteries at its plant in Salo, Finland, which the company converted from a cell phone manufacturing plant. Construction on the new battery plant began in May 2019. Valmet added new logistics facilities logistics and production lines. Full-scale production is scheduled for early next year. By that time, the company estimates… Read more »

Chinese battery-maker and Finnish manufacturer partner to supply battery packs to Europe

Chinese battery builder Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL) and Finnish contract manufacturer Valmet Automotive have formed a strategic partnership to develop electric automotive solutions. As part of the deal, CATL has taken a 22% ownership position in Valmet. CATL currently offers NCM and LFP Li-ion chemistries in cells, modules and packs. The companies’ strategy is… Read more »

Can Tanktwo redefine the battery pack with big data?

A Finnish-American start-up with ambitious goals wants to change how we think about batteries. The concept of an EV that supports the quick removal and replacement of a discharged battery pack was all the rage about 5 years ago. Since then, however, various systems have been attempted and subsequently abandoned by companies like BetterPlace, Renault,… Read more »

Fisker is hiring, rebuilding its supply chain

Things are stirring at Fisker Automotive. New owner Wanxiang plans to relaunch the Karma plug-in luxury sedan next year, and the company is hiring – its online job board lists some 45 open positions, including engineers, managers and interns. Fisker is renewing its relationship with Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies, the supplier of the Karma’s powertrain… Read more »

Creditors queue up with claims against bankrupt Fisker

Some 618 parties have filed claims against Fisker Automotive, which declared bankruptcy in November. The outstanding claims total $985.4 million, including about $594 million in unsecured claims, and $383 million in secured claims, according to the bankruptcy court. Wanxiang America has been approved by the court to purchase Fisker’s assets, including a former GM plant… Read more »

Tesla may get $1.2 billion worth of German subsidies

The European Commission recently approved a multinational project to support battery innovation, which will involve 42 companies, including several automakers. One of those automakers is Tesla, which may receive a cool billion euros ($1.2 billion) in public funding from the federal government of Germany and the state of Brandenburg, the site of the company’s Gigafactory… Read more »

Former Tesla production head offers insourcing insights

For years, automakers have been steadily outsourcing more and more of their manufacturing. Modern vehicles are assembled from parts made by suppliers all over the world, and in some cases, even the final assembly is done under contract by companies such as Magna and Valmet. Tesla has reversed this trend to a certain extent –… Read more »

Wanxiang bids for Fisker again in last-minute offer

The assets of bankrupt automaker Fisker Automotive are scheduled to be transferred to Hybrid Technology LLC, which bought the automaker’s outstanding $168 million DOE loan for $25 million in October. However, just days before a hearing in which a judge will decide whether to give final approval to the deal, Chinese auto parts giant Wanxiang… Read more »

Fisker finally files for bankruptcy, reveals creditors

Fisker Automotive finally filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week, some 18 months after building its last car. Hybrid Technology LLC, which bought the automaker’s outstanding $168 million DOE loan for $25 million in October, said that the purchase of the government loan was a first step toward restarting production of the Karma. “As… Read more »