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Wildcat Discovery Technologies raises $90 million for commercialization of EV “Super Cell”

Battery innovator Wildcat Discovery Technologies has raised $90 million in a Series D funding round led by Koch Strategic Platforms (KSP), a subsidiary of Koch Industries (yes, that Koch Industries). Eastman Kodak (yes, that Kodak) also participated in the round. Wildcat will use the new funds to further develop and commercialize a “Super Cell,” which… Read more »

Tesla Autopilot goes mano a mano with Cadillac Super Cruise

Automakers around the world are hustling to develop vehicle autonomy features. Tesla will soon have a crop of competitors for its Autopilot driver assistance system. So far however, Cadillac is the only automaker that’s brought a system to market: Super Cruise, which debuted this year on the CT6 luxury sedan. Dan Edmunds and Jason Kavanagh,… Read more »

Will Tesla’s sci-fi super charger include solar panels and battery swapping?

Tesla Motors intends to unveil the plans for its long-awaited and much-hyped “super charger” next Monday. In true Tesla fashion, the unveiling will be a media event – you can watch it happen live on the company’s web site – and the charging station itself will be designed to look cool – like an advanced… Read more »

Charging/rideshare provider Revel hires former Tesla Supercharger exec

When Tesla’s CEO chose to disband the company’s Supercharger team, EV industry pundits predicted that many of those experts would soon be snapped up by other firms. Now we learn that rideshare/charging provider Revel has hired Edward Noseworthy to lead the company’s EV infrastructure design and construction team. Noseworthy, a seven-year Tesla veteran who oversaw… Read more »

Knowles Precision Devices introduces supercapacitors that operate at up to 9 WVDC

Knowles Precision Devices has announced the availability of its latest Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC), or supercapacitor, modules. Based on Knowles’ Cornell Dubilier brand DGH and DSF Series supercapacitors, these capacitors use a three-cell package for higher operating voltages and printed circuit board space savings. Knowles acquired Cornell Dubilier in 2023 to expand its offering… Read more »

XCharge plans EV charging Superhub at Watters Creek Village near Dallas

XCharge is a provider of battery-integrated EV charging solutions (see the feature article in our latest print issue). The company’s latest project to be announced is a state-of-the-art EV charging Superhub at the Watters Creek Village mixed-use development near Dallas. The new charging hub will feature more than 20 stalls with DC fast chargers providing… Read more »

GM hires EV superstar Kurt Kelty as Vice President of Batteries

It’s plain to anyone who follows the auto industry that there are pro-EV and anti-EV factions at every legacy automaker. For the last three decades, the OEMs’ interest in EVs has flapped this way and that in the winds of quarterly earnings and political shifts. Last fall, the “let’s wait awhile” contingent appeared to have… Read more »

EV charging is changing, Part 4: Behind the scenes as seven automakers counter Tesla’s Superchargers

Part 1: How automakers’ disappointment in Electrify America drove them into Tesla’s arms Part 2: No, NACS is not today’s Tesla connector Part 3: Why Tesla’s NACS is unlikely to kill CCS EV charging is changing, but much remains to be settled A flurry of news over less than a year permanently altered the US landscape… Read more »

Yet another benefit for Tesla from opening up its Superchargers

Tesla is opening the gates of its walled garden of Supercharger charging stations, to the cheers of (almost) everyone in the EV industry. The move is good news for EV drivers, who will soon have lots more places to charge. The legacy automakers are insisting it’s good news for them too (we’re not so sure,… Read more »

A sneak peek at Tesla’s Supercharger monitoring system

Tesla stands out as an exception to the generally parlous state of public charging. Supercharger users report few problems compared to users of other networks—and that’s why other automakers are rushing to make their EVs compatible with the “gold standard.” However, it’s not at all clear whether the Superchargers’ superior reliability is due to technical… Read more »