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Amprius expands product portfolio with new silicon anode battery platform

US-based battery manufacturer Amprius Technologies has expanded its silicon anode battery line for electric mobility. The new SiCore product platform produces high-energy-density silicon anode batteries that outperform graphite cells using a proprietary silicon anode material technology, according to the company. The new silicon anode cell offers up to 400 Wh/kg specific energy and 1,200 cycles… Read more »

Amprius offers samples of its new 400 Wh/kg silicon anode battery platform

Amprius Technologies has announced an expansion of its product portfolio of silicon anode batteries. The new SiCore batteries are based on a proprietary silicon anode material system. Amprius claims its batteries deliver performance that surpasses that of today’s state-of-the-art graphite-based cells: specific energy up to 400 Wh/kg, and cycle life up to 1,200 cycles at… Read more »

GDI announces third-party cell verification of its 100% silicon anode

Battery-makers are eagerly researching ways to incorporate silicon, which can potentially store 10 times as much energy as graphite, into anodes. Now silicon anode specialist GDI says it has developed a 100% silicon roll-to-roll processed anode for next-generation batteries, potentially enabling graphite-free battery cells that deliver far higher energy density, faster charging and greater safety… Read more »

Panasonic to use Sila’s Titan Silicon anode material, which promises higher energy density for EV batteries

Panasonic and battery materials company Sila Nanotechnologies have signed a commercial agreement for Sila’s nano-composite silicon anode, Titan Silicon, which could enable the battery maker to dramatically improve both vehicle range and charging time. Sila’s anode materials, to be produced at the company’s plant in Moses Lake, Washington, will be optimized for Panasonic’s next-generation lithium-ion… Read more »

Nexeon secures site and raw material supply for silicon anode material plant

Battery material manufacturer Nexeon has obtained property near to chemical company OCI’s facilities in Gunsan, South Korea for its first commercial-scale silicon anode material plant. Nexeon has also struck an agreement with OCI for a long-term supply of monosilane, a by-product gas from the Gunsan plant’s semiconductor polysilicon production and a crucial raw chemical for… Read more »

E-magy raises €20.5 million to scale nano-porous silicon anode material

Dutch advanced materials company E-magy has raised €20.5 million in new funding to prepare for industrial-scale production of its nano-porous silicon anode material for high-energy batteries. The funding consists of €15 million invested by Hydro, Invest-NL and RubioRubio, together with existing impact investors SHIFT Invest and PDENH, and a €5.5 million subsidy from the Dutch… Read more »

NanoGraf raises $65 million in Series B financing to scale production of silicon anode products

Battery materials company NanoGraf has raised $65 million in a Series B funding round that was co-led by Volta Energy Technologies and CC Industries. NanoGraf had previously raised a total of $27 million from a mix of funding sources. NanoGraf’s technology enables battery-makers to incorporate more silicon into their anodes. Current EV battery anodes are… Read more »

Ingevity invests $60 million in silicon anode specialist Nexeon

Chemical and materials company Ingevity has invested $60 million in silicon anode specialist Nexeon. “Ingevity’s funding will enable Nexeon to further develop its proprietary next-generation silicon anode material, NSP-2, and facilitate the construction of manufacturing facilities for the commercialization of Nexeon’s innovative products,” says Ingevity. “With an astounding four times the energy density per gram… Read more »

POSCO Group purchases 100% stake in silicon anode startup

Global materials firm POSCO Group has purchased a 100% stake in the startup silicon anode materials company Tera Technos, according to Business Korea. “The startup’s continuous production technology is said to be capable of increasing productivity three times compared to existing batch technology,” Business Korea reported. “It also developed a technology that can increase silicon… Read more »

BASF introduces a new rubber binder for silicon anodes

BASF has introduced a new rubber binder designed for anodes, part of the company’s Licity product line. Licity 2698 X F is a styrene-butadiene rubber binder for anodes that have more than 20% silicon. The company says it has “excellent stress-strain properties and elasticity.” “Hurdles such as low range and long charging times can be… Read more »