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SF Motors acquires Martin Eberhard’s battery module startup InEVit

SF Motors, a Chinese-backed company with big plans to build next-generation EVs, has announced the acquisition of InEVit, a battery modularization startup headed by Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard. Eberhard was already working with SF Motors as a strategic advisor, and will now serve as Chief Innovation Officer and Vice Chairman of the Board. InEVit has… Read more »

Chinese automaker Sokon Industry Group establishes US-based EV brand, SF Motors

Chinese manufacturer Sokon Industry Group, which produces multi-purpose vehicles as well as engines and other automotive components, has established a US-based headquarters in Silicon Valley. The company is launching an EV brand called SF Motors, which it promises to unveil in further detail in the coming months. The company has also established an R&D center… Read more »

BASF offers engineering plastics for EV motors

German chemical manufacturer BASF offers a portfolio of engineering plastics that can be used in co-creation partnerships with the automotive industry to develop next-generation EV motors. The compounds are available in different colors, from colorless to orange and laser-markable black, and feature short-glass, long-glass or mineral fiber reinforcement as well as various heat stabilizers. The… Read more »

Schaeffler provides in-wheel motors to municipal utility EVs

Three small municipal vehicle manufacturers will use Schaeffler’s electric wheel hub motors in the next few months, including Jungo, which will debut a multipurpose car using Schaeffler wheel hub motor technology. The manufacturers will use the motor in road sweepers, vans and snowplows. The new wheel hub motors incorporate all propulsion and braking components inside… Read more »

Alternatives to permanent magnet motors in EV traction applications

In my very first article for Charged over 10 years ago, I opined that the Switched Reluctance Motor, or SRM, would eventually come to dominate the EV traction market, if for no other reason than the fact that it is almost as cheap as dirt to manufacture. I won’t sprain my shoulder patting myself on… Read more »

Testing e-axle lubricants to enhance heat transfer, copper compatibility and durability performance (Webinar)

EV lubricants are becoming more important than ever with new applications such as e-axle fluids and new performance requirements. Initially, for Driveline e-fluids the primary drivers were efficiency and wear performance. However, there is now an increasing focus on heat transfer and copper compatibility requirements. All of this without sacrificing any durability performance. In addition… Read more »

A closer look at brushed AC motors in EVs

Everything old is new again: BMW’s fifth-generation eDrive features a wound-field synchronous AC motor Brushed DC (and AC/DC universal) motors are much maligned for a number of reasons, but one of the chief—if, perhaps, somewhat exaggerated—complaints is that the graphite brushes, and the segmented copper commutator they ride on, wear out over time, all the while producing… Read more »