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Toyota to supply EV powertrain and actuation components to Joby Aviation

Electric aircraft developer Joby Aviation (NYSE: JOBY) has signed a long-term agreement with Toyota to supply key powertrain and actuation components for the production of Joby’s aircraft. Toyota is Joby’s largest external shareholder, having invested around $400 million in the company, and the automaker has collaborated on a variety of projects to support the production… Read more »

Is Toyota’s new CEO introducing a new, pro-EV strategy? Well, maybe.

EV boosters are hopeful that Toyota’s new CEO Koji Sato will preside over a new era at the world’s second-largest automaker, transforming the electrification laggard into a leader. In a recent “New Management Policy & Direction Announcement,” three of Toyota’s top execs assured us that the company is serious about electrification, but also reaffirmed a… Read more »

Toyota to build PHEVs and batteries in Turkey

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Türkiye (TMMT) in Sakarya, Turkey will build the second-generation Toyota C-HR, which will be available in hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions. TMMT will also establish a 75,000-unit-per-year battery assembly plant alongside its car manufacturing line. Plug-in hybrid battery assembly will begin in December 2023, producing 60 skilled jobs. Total investment for this… Read more »

Will Toyota’s new CEO bring the company up to speed on EVs?

For the past few years, automotive pundits have been puzzling over the question of how one of the industry’s most innovative companies somehow failed to emerge from the 20th century. Toyota’s Prius was a historic vehicle, an important milestone on the road to electrification—and it’s sold a few million units to boot. More recently, alas,… Read more »

Toyota collaborates with Oncor to research V2G tech

Toyota and Oncor Electric Delivery, a Texas-based electric transmission and distribution company, have announced a joint pilot project to research vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. The effort is Toyota’s first EV-related collaboration with a US public utility. The results, Toyota says, will allow the two companies to be better prepared to support the EV charging ecosystem. The… Read more »

Ricardo to help Toyota develop a hydrogen fuel cell light commercial vehicle for the UK

Automotive supplier Ricardo is working alongside Toyota and the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) to develop a hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicle and to build a prototype in the UK. The Toyota Hilux hydrogen variant will be manufactured and assembled at Toyota’s Derby-based facility and is scheduled for prototype production in 2023. Toyota chose Ricardo due to… Read more »

Toyota announces bZ3 EV, second model in bZ series

To sell in China, the world’s largest auto market, it seems that even EV skeptics like Toyota have to produce “new energy vehicles,” whether they really want to or not. The Toyota bZ3 5-seat electric sedan is the second model in the Japanese auto giant’s bZ series. Toyota jointly developed the bZ3 for the Chinese… Read more »

Upcycle makes a $35k electric pickup out of used Toyota Corollas

Upcycle Green Technology, based in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island, defies much of the conventional wisdom in today’s EV industry. It doesn’t appear to have ambitions of being “the next Tesla.” It is not starting out with a six-figure long-range luxury vehicle. It is not building a “clean sheet” EV, and it does… Read more »

Toyota to invest $5.6 billion to boost EV battery production in Japan and North Carolina

Toyota, that most enigmatic of major automakers, is slowly increasing investment in its struggling electrification efforts, even as it continues to lobby against government climate action, and sings the praises of ICEs in its corporate communications. The company recently announced plans to invest an additional $2.5 billion in a US facility that will manufacture batteries… Read more »