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Toyota joins US public EV charging network IONNA

As regular Charged readers know, Toyota’s electrification strategy blows hot and cold—in Q2 2024, its EV share of total US brand sales was abysmal—below 2%, lower than any other major automaker save fellow laggard Honda/Acura. However, even as it continues to lobby against emissions standards and spread misinformation about EVs, the giant automaker is researching… Read more »

Toyota and electric utility Pepco to study V2G technology

Toyota Motor North America and utility Potomac Electric (Pepco) will collaborate on vehicle-to-grid (V2G) research for EVs. Owned by Exelon, Pepco serves Washington DAC and surrounding communities in Maryland. Toyota and Pepco will conduct the V2G research at Pepco’s Watershed Sustainability Center in Montgomery County, Maryland, using a bidirectional charger. The utility will also work… Read more »

EnergyHub adds Toyota to its roster of auto brands enabled for utility EV incentive programs

Distributed Energy Resource Management provider EnergyHub works with some 60 utilities in North America to manage distributed energy resources. Customers of utilities that partner with EnergyHub can take advantage of several types of programs for EV drivers, including managed charging and EV-specific time-of-use rates. EnergyHub’s system works with numerous charging providers and “all leading EV… Read more »

Toyota invests billions in EV production at Indiana and Kentucky plants

Automakers often say one thing and do the opposite, or make contradictory statements for different audiences. Usually this sort of cognitive dissonance is considered a bad thing, but in Toyota’s case it may be otherwise—the company’s leaders have long been the auto industry’s most prominent anti-EV voices, even as the company itself has quietly but… Read more »

WeaveGrid collaborates with Toyota to enable V2G integration with selected utilities

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology is expected to support a cleaner, more resilient electrical grid, while enabling EV owners to save money while charging their vehicles. However, some sort of managed charging platform will be needed to match up EV owners with local utilities. Software provider WeaveGrid, in collaboration with Toyota, has developed just such a platform…. Read more »

Maritime battery supplier Corvus Energy receives investment from Toyota’s Woven Capital

Norway-headquartered Corvus Energy, a supplier of lithium-ion battery storage and hydrogen PEM fuel cell systems to the maritime industry, has secured an investment from Toyota’s growth fund, Woven Capital.  The funding will be used for product development and geographic expansion. Corvus’s other leading investors include BW Group, Equinor Ventures, Hydro and Shell Ventures. More than… Read more »

Toyota’s new PROACE MAC commercial van will offer an electric variant in Europe

Toyota has announced the specifications of a new commercial van it will launch in Europe in 2024. The PROACE MAX van will come in six sizes with two wheelbase options, three lengths and three heights. These combinations offer cargo area volumes from 10 m³ to 17 m³, which can hold up to five Euro pallets…. Read more »

Cirba Solutions helps Toyota expand battery recycling network to nationwide program

Toyota Motor North America is expanding its battery recycling network with Cirba Solutions, a battery recycling materials and management company. The agreement expands Toyota’s battery recycling network and optimizes its logistics network for end-of-life lithium-ion battery collection from Midwest and East Coast regions, including those from hybrid and battery EVs. Processing will take place at… Read more »

Toyota demonstrates Tesla-inspired gigapress die-casting process

It’s been a long time since auto industry observers have seen Toyota as an innovator, so it was a pleasant surprise when the world’s second-largest automaker demonstrated a version of the die-casting process pioneered by Tesla, using a massive hydraulic press to cast the entire rear third of an auto chassis as a single piece…. Read more »

Toyota undertakes vehicle-to-grid research project with San Diego utility

Toyota is collaborating with utility San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) on vehicle-to-grid (V2G) research, using a Toyota bZ4X EV. The project will explore bidirectional charging technology that enables battery EV owners to discharge electricity from their batteries back to the grid. As Toyota points out, understanding the needs of BEV owners, their charging habits,… Read more »