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Polestar to demonstrate StoreDot’s extreme fast charging battery technology in a prototype EV

Battery innovator StoreDot is collaborating with Polestar on an engineering project to demonstrate how StoreDot’s XFC battery cell technology can be applied to an existing platform, and show what a production-level solution could look like. Following Polestar’s investment in StoreDot, the two companies are working to demonstrate StoreDot’s production-ready XFC technology at full scale in… Read more »

Storedot says its silicon-dominant battery cells can last for 1,200 cycles

Israeli battery tech developer StoreDot says its silicon-dominant cells have achieved a lifetime of 1,200 cycles in testing. Using a specially designed testing form factor, StoreDot’s engineers have exceeded 1,200 cycles with cells that are charged to 80% of capacity in 15 minutes, then discharged for one hour. The company says the results were achieved… Read more »

Battery developer StoreDot raises $80 million in Series D funding

Israeli battery developer StoreDot has raised up to $80 million in a Series D funding round that included Vingroup, bp ventures and Golden Energy. It will use the funding on research and development as well as mass production of its Extreme Fast Charging (XFC) battery cells by 2024. According to StoreDot, its research and development… Read more »

StoreDot releases samples of its “five-minute” EV battery

In 2015, Israeli battery developer StoreDot announced plans to enter the EV market with battery cells that it said could enable a 300-mile battery pack to be charged in 5 minutes. Now the company has launched engineering samples of its first-generation batteries that are designed to be manufactured at scale on traditional Li-lion production lines…. Read more »

StoreDot says its battery tech charges 10 times faster

Put this one in the “If it can do what they claim, it really will be revolutionary” category. Israeli battery developer StoreDot says its EV FlashBattery can charge a 300-mile battery in 5 minutes – almost 10 times faster than today’s state of the art. In 2014, StoreDot demonstrated the FlashBattery, which it says can… Read more »

Clearing the roadblocks to electrification of heavy-duty trucks

Q&A with electric truck expert Rustam Kocher Medium- and heavy-duty vehicles make up a small fraction of the vehicles on the road, but they generate a disproportionate amount of pollution. Therefore, electrifying them is critical to reducing emissions. Furthermore, the case for electric trucks and buses would seem to be an easy one to make…. Read more »

Megawatt Charging System will kill hydrogen trucks once and for all, says electric truck expert

The sales figures make it increasingly plain that fuel cell passenger cars have no future, but hydrogen fans still have high hopes for applications like long-distance trucking, in which long range and fast refueling times are important. The endless articles churned out by anti-EV interests tend to have a lot to say about hydrogen, along… Read more »

Oil companies buying up EV charging networks: Shell acquires ubitricity

The European oil giants Total, BP and Shell have been buying up assets all along the EV charging value chain. The latest news is that Shell has agreed to buy 100% of the European charging network ubitricity. Founded in Berlin, ubitricity operates in a number of European countries, and claims to be the largest public… Read more »

BP sees big opportunities for EVs and has recently been investing in EV-related companies

The oil and gas giant’s EV investment rationale is outlined in its new report, BP Technology Outlook. Demand for travel is central to modern society. Currently, transport accounts for 20% of global primary energy use. The global light-duty fleet of cars, vans, and light trucks is here to stay for the foreseeable future. In fact,… Read more »