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Exro Technologies to supply Coil Drive Systems for SEA Electric commercial EVs

Exro Technologies’ mission is to use its power electronics products to “expand the capabilities of electric motors and batteries.” Now the company has signed an initial purchase order and multiyear sales and service agreement to supply 1,500 Coil Drive System units to commercial EV builder SEA Electric. Pilot vehicle integration will begin as early as… Read more »

Midwest Transit Equipment and SEA Electric to power 10,000 electric school buses

SEA Electric and Midwest Transit Equipment (MTE), a major US bus dealer, have partnered to update 10,000 school buses with battery-electric power-systems. The deal will cover both Type A and Type C school buses, and deliveries will take place over the next five years. The buses will be powered by SEA Electric’s SEA-Drive power system…. Read more »

SEA Electric secures funding, announces partnership with Exro

SEA Electric, a maker of electric power-system technology for urban delivery and distribution fleets, recently secured $42 million in initial private placement equity financing.  President Tony Fairweather said the financing will allow SEA Electric to accelerate its global sales efforts and further use its proprietary Sea-Drive 120b battery power system, while strengthening the delivery and… Read more »

IKEA deploys electric delivery truck from SEA Electric

Australian e-truck builder SEA Electric has delivered an electric delivery truck to fleet service provider All Purpose Transport. The new truck will be making deliveries for IKEA in Queensland. SEA offers a range of 5 drivetrains for commercial vehicles from 3.5 tons to 27 tons GVM. Customers can select a new cab chassis from their… Read more »

Australian electric truck maker SEA Electric to launch in the US

Australian electric commercial vehicle maker SEA Electric is set to launch in the US. It will showcase two trucks at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis during March and attend California’s Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in April. SEA Electric’s display vehicles are based on Ford and Isuzu platforms and the company says they are at… Read more »

Electric Power Systems to provide aviation battery system for Elfly’s electric seaplane demonstrator  

The Norway-based Elfly Group is building an electric amphibious aircraft, inspired by the venerable de Havilland Twin Otter and Grumman’s Mallard. The Noemi seaplane is designed for 200-kilometer air journeys, and will be powered by two electric motors with up to 1 MW combined output. A prototype is expected to make its first flight in… Read more »

KACO announces new bidirectional high-speed sealing systems for electric drives

German manufacturer KACO builds high-speed dynamic radial shaft sealing systems, and claims to have made a significant advance in the field. Electric drives, the company explains, require sealing systems that function independently of the direction of rotation, and previous systems had a preferred direction of rotation for forward travel (V-max), with correspondingly good reverse travel… Read more »

Researchers say electric ships could economically serve 40% of today’s sea routes

Oceangoing ships, most of which are powered by heavy fuel oil, produce substantial amounts of CO2 and nitrogen oxide emissions. However, shipping companies are unlikely to begin electrifying them until the economic case for doing so becomes clearer. A new study from the University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory indicates that nearly… Read more »

Starbucks, Volvo and ChargePoint to build electric coffee highway from Denver to Seattle

We’re not sure why, but there does seem to be an affinity between coffee and driving electric. Starbucks has long offered EV charging at some of its stores, and now the chain, in partnership with Volvo Cars, is planning to install chargers along a 1,350-mile route between the hypercaffeinated cities of Denver and Seattle. By… Read more »

FlixMobility and MTRWestern to launch Seattle-Eugene electric bus line

FlixMobility, a transit company that operates electric buses on several intercity routes in Europe, has teamed with motorcoach operator MTRWestern to explore the possibility of launching a new electric bus line in the Pacific Northwest. The planned FlixBus route will stop at Seattle, Portland, Corvallis and Eugene, and the companies hope to begin service sometime… Read more »