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Noodoe’s next-generation EV fleet management solution

Charging solutions provider Noodoe has announced a new generation of its Electric Fleet Management Solution. Noodoe’s EV OS is a cloud-based operating system for managing all aspects of EV charging services. “Fleet integration happens in a few clicks, and administrators can easily manage vehicles, telematics devices and EV charging stations,” says the company. “Managers can… Read more »

Canadian CPO ChargerQuest uses Noodoe EV OS charging solution

Canadian charge point operator ChargerQuest has big ambitions—the company aims for nothing less than “dominance in the Canadian EV charging industry.” An integral part of ChargerQuest’s strategy is its partnership with software provider Noodoe, which offers a turnkey software platform “designed to meet the needs of fast-growing charging service providers.” Noodoe EV OS is a… Read more »

Noodoe’s EV Exceed DC fast charger cranks out 950 volts

Most of today’s EVs operate on 400-volt systems, but 800 volts is clearly the near future. Higher-voltage systems can deliver the same amount of power with less current, which means that charging rates can get higher without making charging cables impractically heavy and bulky. Charger manufacturer Noodoe explains that DC fast chargers are going to… Read more »

Noodoe announces three new technologies for managing EV fleet charging

Charging management provider Noodoe has announced three new technologies for managing EV fleet charging: Autonomous Service Delivery, Intelligent Load Management and Smart Scheduling. Noodoe EV OS is a cloud-based operating platform designed to serve as a charging network’s “central brain.” The system automates charging service delivery, peak-hour price adjustment, transaction billing, payment processing, infrastructure diagnostics… Read more »

Facility services specialist ABM rolls out its own EV charging network

ABM, a provider of facility services, infrastructure solutions and parking management, has extensive experience deploying charging stations—it has installed over 30,000 chargers to date. Now the company has rolled out its own proprietary EV charging network. ABM’s EV Charging Network, which is powered by its cloud-based ABM EV OS software in collaboration with Noodoe, will… Read more »

ABM debuts its first branded EV charging hardware and software

ABM is one of the world’s largest providers of facility services, including janitorial, engineering, parking, lighting, HVAC and much more. In recent years the company has added EV charging infrastructure to its offerings, and has installed over 28,000 charging stations to date. Now ABM has announced the debut of its first branded EVSE products, including… Read more »