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EnviroSpark wins Georgia NEVI awards to install DC fast chargers at Waffle House and Shell station

EnviroSpark’s installers may soon become connoisseurs of hash browns. The company has won a National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) funding award from its home state of Georgia to build four DC fast chargers at a Waffle House in Tifton, and four more at a Shell station in Metter. EnviroSpark, which won two of the five… Read more »

The 24/7 diner is part of the American Road Trip—and maybe an ideal site for a NEVI public EV charging station

As states begin to award National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program funding, what kinds of sites are getting most of the grants for public EV charging stations? So far, winners include gas stations and convenience store chains—and a Tennessee Waffle House. Tennessee has $88 million in NEVI money to dole out over 5 years. In… Read more »

California solicits applications for $40 million in NEVI EV charging grants

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has announced a competitive solicitation for up to $40,500,000 in grant funds for DC fast EV charging infrastructure projects. Interested parties can submit applications for grants before the deadline of January 26, 2024. (The CEC’s application page contains a lengthy list of documents explaining how to apply.) The California Department… Read more »

Five states have now awarded NEVI grants for EV charging stations

As always, the wheels of government grants grind slowly. Almost a year ago, all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and DC received approval of their National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) plans from the Federal Highway Administration. To date, 5 states have announced final or conditional awards for charging infrastructure grants, and 8 more have opened… Read more »

Tritium to provide fast EV chargers for first phase of Hawaii’s NEVI program

EV charger manufacturer Tritium will provide fast chargers for the State of Hawaii’s first round of National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program funding. In September 2022, the Federal Highway Administration approved Hawaii’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment Plan, granting the state access to $2.6 million in NEVI funding for FY2022. It’s estimated that the state… Read more »

CharIN praises final NEVI rules for supporting EV interoperability and open standards for charging

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has released the final National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Standards and Requirements rule, and so far it appears that there’s a lot to like in the 144-page tome. The document (which the White House described in slightly less verbose terms) contains not only some welcome standards aimed at improving the… Read more »

Proterra CEO: Electric buses are close to inevitable

The economic case for electric transit buses has become a no-brainer, Proterra CEO Ryan Popple told Bloomberg in a recent interview. The energy cost of a typical e-bus is about 20 cents per mile, compared to about 75 cents per mile for diesel. The up-front costs for e-buses are substantially higher, but Proterra recently introduced… Read more »

SF Motors acquires Martin Eberhard’s battery module startup InEVit

SF Motors, a Chinese-backed company with big plans to build next-generation EVs, has announced the acquisition of InEVit, a battery modularization startup headed by Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard. Eberhard was already working with SF Motors as a strategic advisor, and will now serve as Chief Innovation Officer and Vice Chairman of the Board. InEVit has… Read more »

The inevitability of electric buses

Electric transit buses enter the fast-follower market stage as the leaders work to remove the last barriers to adoption. Q&A with Proterra’s Ryan Popple and ABB’s Daan Nap on the state of the market and charging standards in North America and Europe. With each passing year, more decision makers are realizing that city buses are an… Read more »

GM Exec: Low oil prices won’t stop our plans for electrification, MPG targets make it inevitable

How will low oil prices affect the growth in vehicle electrification? It’s a question we’ve heard a lot since the price of crude began to plummet about six months ago. A few studies have come out recently that find cheap oil has little or no effect on PEV sales. It seems that either buyers don’t… Read more »