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Paired Power and Monarch Tractor bring off-grid solar charging to California vineyard

Carr Winery sources hand-harvested organic grapes from Santa Barbara County vineyards. Since July, the company’s Kaerskov Vineyard has been using an electric “driver-optional” tractor that’s driven by 100 percent off-grid solar energy. At the vineyard, Monarch Tractor’s MK-V electric tractor is charged by Paired Power solar chargers, enabling the vineyard to significantly reduce its utility… Read more »

Monarch Tractor secures $3-million grant to demonstrate V2X tech for electric farm equipment

Monarch Tractor and its partners in the Farm Electrification Consortium, which also includes Gridtractor, Rhombus Energy Solutions, Current Ways and Polaris Energy Services, have received a $3-million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) for the electrification of agricultural equipment and the development of battery capability in farm equipment to keep critical electrical loads running… Read more »

Monarch electric tractors roll off Foxconn assembly lines in Lordstown

The humble Ohio community of Lordstown has played a dynamic role in EV history. The first act of the drama was a typical Rust Belt tragedy—shuttered auto plant, lost jobs. The second was a heart-warming resurrection story—plucky startup builds innovative electric pickup. Next came a tawdry tale of a missed opportunity to electrify postal delivery… Read more »

Life on the farm won’t be the same with the Electric Monarch autonomous tractor

We’ve seen electric tractors before, but the Monarch Tractor features autonomous operation and data-gathering features, and the company’s marketing material promises farmers substantial annual cost savings. Considering the expansive set of features, we were (pleasantly) surprised to see that the company isn’t touting its product as “the Tesla of tractors”—despite (or because of) the fact… Read more »

Paired Power launches PairFleet microgrid solar charger and battery storage solution for EV fleets

Paired Power makes a solar-powered microgrid EV charger that can be used in grid-tied or off-grid applications. Now the company has introduced a new product called PairFleet, a larger, scalable version that’s aimed at EV fleets of all sizes. As regular Charged readers know, getting adequate power to a site is often a major bottleneck… Read more »

Video: Caterpillar goes all in on EVs at CES

Off-road vehicles may turn out to be one of 2024’s top EV stories. The intrinsic advantages of EVs—silence, lack of local emissions, high torque—make them great choices for applications from construction to agriculture to mining. One off-road OEM exhibiting EVs at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is Caterpillar. The iconic yellow-machine maker’s entire booth at… Read more »

Video: Bobcat introduces new electric skid steer loader

From job sites to farms to mines, off-road vehicles are steadily electrifying. Bobcat, an American manufacturer of compact farm and construction equipment, has introduced what it calls the world’s first all-electric skid steer loader, a follow-up to the electric track loader Bobcat introduced two years ago (a skid steer uses differential steering—its wheels or tracks… Read more »

As the off-road vehicle market rushes to electrify, standards are lagging behind

Q&A with Littelfuse’s Geoffrey Schwartz Construction vehicles are being electrified at a surprisingly rapid pace, as operators recognize not only the cost savings, but the advantages of silent, emission-free operation. However, the high power requirements of these vehicles mean that vehicle designers face unique technical challenges, especially when it comes to circuit protection.  High-voltage DC… Read more »

Lordstown Motors files for bankruptcy, sues partner Foxconn

Sadly, electric truck maker Lordstown Motors’ bumpy and colorful ride appears to have come to an end. The company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and is suing business partner Foxconn for allegedly reneging on an investment deal. Lordstown said it will try to sell its assets, and reduce its 243-person staff to a… Read more »