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Electrovaya to build battery gigafactory in New York

Ontario-based battery manufacturer Electrovaya has selected New York state as the location for its first US gigafactory, where it plans to produce cells and batteries. Electrovaya will set up operations at a 137,000-square-foot former electronics plant on a 52-acre campus near Jamestown. The facility is to open in phases starting in late 2023. Production capacity… Read more »

Electrovaya receives million-euro follow-on order for Li-ion cells

Ontario-based battery manufacturer Electrovaya has sold €1 million ($1.14 million) worth of lithium-ion cells to an EV producer in Europe. Electrovaya, through its subsidiary Litarion, produces cells, electrodes and Separion ceramic separators. It has a manufacturing capacity of about 500 MWh of cells per year. “This follow-on order…underlines the strong commercial performance of our cells,… Read more »

Chinese battery-maker orders Separion ceramic composite separators from Electrovaya

Canadian manufacturer Electrovaya has announced a major order for its Separion ceramic composite separators from an unnamed Chinese battery company. Electrovaya acquired the Separion intellectual property from a company called Evonik in April. According to Electrovaya, most cells made with a graphite anode and a Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) cathode have cycle life between 3,000… Read more »

Canada’s Innovation Supercluster Initiative spurs $76 million in zero-emission vehicle investments

NGen Canada, a non-profit organization that promotes advanced manufacturing, has announced a series of new innovation projects to support the zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) manufacturing ecosystem in Canada. In 2021, NGen launched a call for proposals to support R&D projects for ZEV manufacturing, systems, components, and batteries. Now the organization has announced 15 new industry-led consortia… Read more »

Separion P20 – a new flexible ceramic separator

Litarion, a subsidiary of Electrovaya Inc, has introduced a new, thinner flexible ceramic separator for utility-scale and EV applications. Among all cell components, the separator, is responsible of preventing the contact between the electrodes while permitting a free transport of ions in the cell. Its properties are also closely related to cycle life and cell… Read more »

Norwegian electric ferry sails past six-month milestone

Electrovaya Inc. has announced that the KF Hisarøy electric cable ferry has now been sailing between Mjånes and Hisarøy in Norway daily for six months, with flawless operation over the wintry seas. The KF Hisarøy, which is built to carry 49 passengers and 6 cars, operates approximately 10 round trips per day between the mainland… Read more »

Pike report assesses 10 leading lithium battery firms

Lithium ion batteries – we EV boosters love ‘em (though we wish they could be a bit lighter and a lot cheaper). EV party-poopers hate ‘em, telling anyone who will listen that they’re bound to explode, stop working after a year or two, or maybe even channel mind-controlling signals from hippy Communist aliens. Everyone agrees… Read more »