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Caterpillar invests in Lithos Energy to support battery pack development and manufacturing

The iconic yellow machine is going green. Heavy-duty vehicle OEM Caterpillar has invested in Lithos Energy, a California-based producer of lithium-ion battery packs. Lithos specializes in shock-resistant and high-performance battery solutions for applications including off-road and marine. Caterpillar has been developing its line-up of hybrid and full-electric machines and power generation products for some time…. Read more »

Caterpillar demonstrates battery-electric large mining truck, invests in sustainable proving ground

Caterpillar has completed a successful demonstration of its first battery-electric 793 model mining truck.  Caterpillar developed its battery-electric prototype with support from mining customers participating in its Early Learner program, which was established in 2021 with the aim of accelerating the development and validation of Caterpillar’s battery-electric trucks at participating customers’ sites. Participants with definitive… Read more »

Caterpillar unveils prototype batteries for off-highway equipment

Yellow machine icon Caterpillar has announced the development of 48-volt, 300-volt and 600-volt batteries for the off-highway equipment industry. The company’s new range of Li-ion batteries features a modular design to optimize performance and packaging, and has been engineered with lifecycle sustainability in mind, including reuse and recycling at the end of life. Caterpillar’s development… Read more »

AVID Technology and Caterpillar receive $42 million from UK to develop electric construction machinery

The United Kingdom government has awarded EV component manufacturer AVID Technology and construction machinery giant Caterpillar €33 million (about $41.7 million) to develop fully electric construction machinery. The funding, which is made possible by the UK’s Advanced Propulsion Centre, will benefit 32 companies and create 2,230 jobs, according to a government statement. Ian Constance, Chief… Read more »

Cadillac’s ambitious move to an all-electric luxury brand by 2030

The car that once advertised itself as “The Standard of the World” will go all-electric. Can the US luxury brand reinvent itself for a modern era…and for China? Among cutting-edge automotive buyers—the glitterati of Los Angeles, the tech millionaires of Silicon Valley, the finance titans of Wall Street—only one Cadillac is widely recognized. It’s a… Read more »

New reports analyze US electric truck market and global off-highway EV market

Research and Markets has released a pair of reports that examine the two segments of the commercial EV market. The company’s “U.S. Electric Truck Market Research Report” analyzes the current e-truck market, offers profiles of key players, and makes some forecasts for the future. R and M expects revenue from the US electric truck market… Read more »

Union Pacific Railroad to test 20 battery-electric locomotives

Union Pacific Railroad (NYSE: UNP) has announced plans to purchase 20 battery-electric locomotives for testing in yard operations. The company expects to invest over $100 million to purchase the locos and upgrade its yard infrastructure. The locomotives will be acquired from Progress Rail, a Caterpillar company, and Wabtec (NYSE:WAB). Deliveries are expected to begin in… Read more »

Infinitum Electric brings its PCB stator technology to EV motors

Infinitum Electric says its axial flux motors with printed circuit board stators offer weight reduction, cost reduction and efficiency gains. Batteries are getting a lot of media coverage these days—they represent a rapidly-developing technology that’s seen as the key to the electrification of transport. Motors, however, are considered a fairly mature technology, and the humble… Read more »


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South Dakota university to create international center for solid-state batteries

The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology plans to establish an international center to develop solid-state batteries. Associate Professor Alevtina Smirnova says the solid-state batteries developed at the new Center for Green Solid-State Electric Power Generation and Storage (CEPS) will be ideal for portable and medical applications, electric grids and the automotive industry. The… Read more »