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Bel Power Solutions announces bi-directional on-board charger

Bel Power Solutions has introduced the BCL25-700-8, a 22/25 kW bi-directional liquid-cooled on-board inverter battery charger with export functionality. Up to 4 BCL25-700-8 charging units can be connected in parallel, with efficiency near 94%. Bel Power says it’s possible to connect this charger to a charging station or directly to the grid (190-264 VAC single-phase… Read more »

Bel Power Solutions sees strong growth in industrial electrification and its auxiliary power products

When many people think of electric vehicles, they imagine sleek passenger EVs like the near-quintessential Tesla Model S. However, EVs are by no means restricted to consumer use. As more and more industries move towards electrification, more and more industrial EV solutions will be needed. Bel Power Solutions is a power conversion product provider that… Read more »

Oomph’s new Powerstream mobile rapid DC charger

British EV charging technology company Oomph has introduced the new Powerstream mobile 30 kW DC charger. The Powerstream is portable, and requires no installation. It’s aimed at applications in which fixed chargers are not an appropriate solution and at locations where deploying fixed charging infrastructure would require long installation times, high utility and groundwork costs,… Read more »

GreenPower sells 35 BEAST electric school buses to California school districts

GreenPower Motor, a manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty EVs, has secured new orders for 35 Type D electric school buses from two California school districts. The Garden Grove School District ordered 10 BEAST school buses, and the Montebello School District ordered 25 Mega BEAST buses. The orders were placed through GreenPower’s exclusive California dealer Model… Read more »

Vitesco Technologies develops new power module for EV inverters

Vitesco Technologies, a drive and electrification solutions provider, is developing a transfer-molded power module for EV inverters. During the transfer molding process, the power electronics are sealed under a dielectric material that protects the components, making them robust, cost-effective and reliable, the company said. The power module consists of three over-molded half-bridges, and forms the… Read more »

Motiv Power Systems’ new Argo electric truck features a purpose-built EV cab

Motiv Power Systems, a manufacturer of electric trucks and buses, has announced a new electric truck featuring a medium-duty EV cab designed from the ground up. The Argo Series is designed to support all medium-duty applications across Classes 4 to 6—including box trucks, step vans, shuttle buses, refrigerated vehicles, vocational vehicles and other specialties—and is… Read more »

Electric Power Systems to provide aviation battery system for Elfly’s electric seaplane demonstrator  

The Norway-based Elfly Group is building an electric amphibious aircraft, inspired by the venerable de Havilland Twin Otter and Grumman’s Mallard. The Noemi seaplane is designed for 200-kilometer air journeys, and will be powered by two electric motors with up to 1 MW combined output. A prototype is expected to make its first flight in… Read more »

J.D. Power study: For potential EV buyers, public charging is critical

EV experts disagree about how much and what kinds of public charging will be needed in the electric future. However, there’s absolutely no doubt about one thing: for potential EV buyers, the availability of public charging is the big banana in the bunch. Market analysis firm J.D. Power publishes a suite of EV-related studies each… Read more »

Toyota to supply EV powertrain and actuation components to Joby Aviation

Electric aircraft developer Joby Aviation (NYSE: JOBY) has signed a long-term agreement with Toyota to supply key powertrain and actuation components for the production of Joby’s aircraft. Toyota is Joby’s largest external shareholder, having invested around $400 million in the company, and the automaker has collaborated on a variety of projects to support the production… Read more »

Volvo invests in bidirectional EV charging startup dcbel

Volvo has invested in bidirectional EV charging startup dcbel. The automaker’s venture capital firm, Volvo Cars Tech Fund, will support dcbel’s R&D and commercialization efforts for its home energy system. dcbel’s r16 Home Energy Station will be a “renewable energy ecosystem” that features bidirectional EV charging capabilities and a smart home energy management system. The… Read more »