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Over $500 million investment in US EV charger plants announced since 2021

As regular Charged readers know, the US Inflation Reduction Act has spurred a tidal wave of investment in battery plants, as well as mines and processing facilities for critical battery minerals. EVSE manufacturers have also been joining the party (or “lining up at the trough,” as a fiscal conservative might put it). The DOE’s Vehicle… Read more »

Toyota to invest $8 billion to expand North Carolina EV battery plant

Is Toyota a sleeping giant, poised to exploit the wimpy waffling of GM and Ford, and become the EV powerhouse it should be? Or will the company continue paying lip service to e-mobility while clinging to 20th-century technology? Who knows? We won’t presume to read the green tea leaves, but we are happy to report… Read more »

IRS opens registration for auto dealers to offer point-of-sale credits for EV buyers

The worst aspect of the old EV tax credit was that it could only be applied to a buyer’s income tax liability (not self-employment tax, state taxes, etc) and, unlike some other tax credits, could not be carried over to a future year. The practical effect of this was that the only people who could… Read more »

LG Chem to build LFP cathode plant in Morocco

South Korea-based chemical company LG Chem and China’s Huayou Group have partnered to build a lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) cathode materials plant. LG Chem is working to vertically integrate its cathode supply chain. The LG Chem-Huayou Group partnership will develop four plants: an LFP cathode material facility; a lithium conversion plant, also in Morocco; a high-pressure acid… Read more »

Proposed Ohio bill would ban local EV mandates

Republicans in the Ohio House of Representatives have sent legislation to the floor that would bar the state Environmental Protection Agency or local governments from blocking the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles. House Bill 201 would prohibit any state agency, county or township from restricting the sale or use of a motor vehicle based on its… Read more »

LG Energy Solution will invest $3 billion in US plant to supply Toyota with EV batteries

Another sign that the sleeping Japanese giant is starting to stir: Toyota has signed a supply agreement with Korean battery-maker LG Energy Solution for lithium-ion batteries that Toyota will use in its US-built EVs starting in 2025. LGES will invest $3 billion in its Holland, Michigan battery facility for dedicated production lines to supply a… Read more »

Eos Energy launches energy storage project with zinc-based battery modules

Eos Energy, a provider of zinc-powered energy storage systems, has announced a $500-million planned expansion to build 8 GWh of clean energy storage production capacity by 2026. Project AMAZE (American Made Zinc Energy) aims to use the Eos Z3 energy storage system to meet the demand for long-term energy storage driven by the Inflation Reduction… Read more »

EV charging is changing, Part 4: Behind the scenes as seven automakers counter Tesla’s Superchargers

Part 1: How automakers’ disappointment in Electrify America drove them into Tesla’s arms Part 2: No, NACS is not today’s Tesla connector Part 3: Why Tesla’s NACS is unlikely to kill CCS EV charging is changing, but much remains to be settled A flurry of news over less than a year permanently altered the US landscape… Read more »

DoD to award $37.5 million to Graphite One for graphite mining and processing in Alaska

Using funds appropriated by the Inflation Reduction Act, the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Base Policy will award US mining company Graphite One $37.5 million to support development of a graphite supply chain solution based at the company’s Graphite Creek deposit on the Seward Peninsula about 37 miles north of Nome…. Read more »