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Splitvolt unveils its next-gen Splitter Switch for affordable Level 2 home EV charging

EVSE manufacturer Splitvolt has unveiled its next-generation Splitter Switch. The newest iteration of the Splitter Switch features a more stylized look, new components and cETLus safety certification. Splitvolt says its Splitter Switch is designed to make home EV charging simple, affordable and safe by automatically sharing an existing 30 A dryer circuit instead of requiring… Read more »

Ford invests an additional £125 million in Halewood plant to scale up UK EV production

Ford has invested an additional £125 million in its Halewood plant in the UK, bringing the total investment to almost £380 million and increasing its capacity by 70%. This latest investment secures employment for another 500 people and increases annual production from 250,000 to 420,000 units, says the company.  Ford hopes to sell 600,000 EVs… Read more »

Charging lithium-ion cells at different rates boosts EV battery pack life, per Stanford study

Stanford University researchers have found a way to make lithium-ion battery packs last longer and suffer less deterioration from fast charging.  In “Extending Life of Lithium-Ion Battery Systems by Embracing Heterogeneities via an Optimal Control-Based Active Balancing Strategy,” published in IEEE Xplore, the researchers explain how actively managing the amount of current flowing to each… Read more »

Deutsche Post DHL orders 2,000 electric delivery vans from Ford Pro

Deutsche Post DHL Group is going electric—the German logistics giant plans to invest some 7 billion euros in electrification between now and 2030, by which date it aims to make 60% of its delivery vehicles zero-emission. The company currently operates a substantial number of Ford EVs at several locations around the world. Now DHL has… Read more »

Two thirds of Ford dealers opt to get certified to sell EVs, install public DC fast chargers

Auto dealers are widely considered to be a bottleneck for EV adoption, but it doesn’t have to be that way. EV-savvy automakers such as VW, GM, and Ford have no plans (that we know of) to abandon the dealership model, but they are taking steps to make sure their dealers have the assets they need… Read more »

Everledger and Ford introduce battery passport pilot

Digital transparency company Everledger and Ford have launched a battery passport pilot for tracking EV batteries. “The battery passport concept was launched by the Global Battery Alliance (GBA), a multi-stakeholder alliance that brings together 110 leading international organizations,” says Everledger. “The battery passport is the digital identity of a battery which includes information about its… Read more »

Pickup truck lovers compare TCO of the Ford F-150 Lightning with the legacy gas version

When it comes to a comparison between Ford’s electric F-150 Lightning with the legacy gas version of the popular pickup, you can probably guess which model we at Charged prefer. But the folks at Pickup Truck + SUV Talk have a little different perspective. Publisher Tim Esterdahl, a self-described “truck guy,” has raised some reasonable… Read more »

Ford establishes requirements for dealers to sell EVs

Auto dealers have long been considered a bottleneck for EV sales, and automakers that are serious about selling EVs are working closely with their dealers to make the necessary changes (and to weed out those who really don’t want to go electric). Ford has now unveiled an electrification strategy to its  3,000-strong dealer network. Dealers… Read more »

Duke Energy to use Ford F-150 Lightning electric trucks in V2G pilot

Duke Energy is planning a new demand response pilot in the Duke Energy Carolinas service area. Under the program, which is expected to launch in 2023, customers who lease an eligible EV, including the Ford F-150 Lightning, will get reduced lease payments in exchange for allowing their EVs to feed energy back to the grid…. Read more »

Ford F-150 Lightning buyers get 250 kWh of free fast charging from Electrify America

Through the FordPass Rewards program, F-150 Lightning buyers will receive 250 kilowatt-hours of complimentary charging at Electrify America, which currently has around 800 charging stations with 3,500 individual chargers in the US. (Mustang Mach-E buyers receive the same deal—250 kWh of free electrons.) For Lightning owners with the standard-range battery, the 250 kWh is equal… Read more »