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Volvo launches electric truck safety app with AR technology for first responders

Volvo Group has launched an Augmented Reality (AR) safety app for electric trucks, designed specifically to support first responders in an emergency. The app is developed to deliver instant, valuable information from the truck to the emergency services team arriving on the scene to guide them in real-time and ensure safe rescue conditions. By using… Read more »

Are plug-in hybrids the next Dieselgate?

Plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) don’t get much respect in the EV industry these days. They’re the epitome of a transitional technology, and it would be hard to argue that many of them justify their price premiums over plain hybrids. It’s widely believed that, thanks to ill-considered government incentives, many PHEVs are bought by drivers who never… Read more »

Battery-maker Verkor raises 250 million euros in financing for its Verkor Innovation Centre

Battery manufacturer Verkor has secured over 250 million euros in financing from the European Investment Bank and other investors for its Verkor Innovation Centre, which is nearing completion. Located in Grenoble, the 15,000-square-meter VIC includes an R&D lab for designing batteries, a pilot line with a capacity of 150 MWh per year, and a training… Read more »

Enevate’s new cells enable a Lightning electric motorcycle to charge in minutes

Battery technology developer Enevate has partnered with Lightning Motorcycles to equip Lightning’s Strike Carbon motorcycle with Enevate’s EV-size fast-charging lithium-ion cells. As part of product validation, Lightning integrated a 24 kWh battery pack with Enevate technology into the Strike Carbon e-motorcycle. It delivered 400 amps at a charge rate nearing 5C, resulting in a charge… Read more »

EU lawmakers confirm 2035 zero-emission sales mandate for new cars and vans

The European Commission has agreed to set a zero-emission sales mandate for new cars and vans by 2035. As the average age of passenger cars in the EU is just under 12 years, this policy should put the bloc on track to reach the target of converting its fleet to zero-emission-only by 2050, the date… Read more »

Nissan begins European production of new electric Townstar delivery van

Nissan has begun production of its new Townstar EV delivery van, to be sold in select European markets. Built on a shared CMF-C platform, the new vehicle will be manufactured at the Renault plant in Maubeuge, France. The Townstar will replace the NV200 and NV200e in Nissan’s light commercial vehicle lineup. The Townstar EV’s powertrain… Read more »

EV tire-maker ENSO in talks to supply multiple global OEMs

London-based EV tire manufacturer ENSO said it is in discussions with multiple international carmakers and has begun trials with major fleet operators. ENSO makes tires specifically designed for EVs—they’re designed not only to extend range, but to reduce particulate emissions. The company says its tires have earned top energy efficiency ratings in Germany, and that… Read more »

France to offer $100-per-month EV leasing plan

French President Emmanuel Macron made a campaign pledge to help make EVs more affordable. Now the government is rolling out a subsidized leasing program for low-income households. “We know that for many French [EVs] remain very expensive,” Budget Minister Gabriel Attal said in a recent interview. The new program will make EVs available for 100… Read more »

EV subscription service Onto adds Fiat’s New 500 to its fleet

Onto, the UK-based all-inclusive EV subscription service, plans to add 600 Fiat New 500s to its fleet. Onto aims to offer a flexible alternative to traditional car ownership—it currently offers 24 electric models from such brands as VW, Renault, Audi and Tesla. Subscriptions start at £379 per month. Onto plans to offer the New 500… Read more »