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Voltage surge and transient suppression in EV chargers

Anything powered by an external source of electricity needs to be protected from voltage transients and surges, as it is not a question of whether such hazards will occur, but rather how often they will occur (and of what severity they will be). As might be expected, there are internationally agreed-upon regulations for surge and… Read more »

Detroit Manufacturing Systems to manufacture hardware for wireless charging pioneer InductEV

Wireless EV charging specialist InductEV (formerly Momentum Dynamics) has formed a partnership with contract manufacturing and assembly company Detroit Manufacturing Systems (DMS). InductEV says taking advantage of DMS’s manufacturing and supply chain expertise will allow it to more quickly scale production to meet customer demand. Under the terms of the agreement, DMS will manufacture InductEV’s… Read more »

Ford and Resideo to conduct V2H energy management pilot

Ford and home automation company Resideo Technologies have announced a joint V2H simulation project called EV-Home Power Partnership.  The project involves pairing the bidirectional EV charging of Ford’s F-150 Lightning with a Resideo smart thermostat to explore the potential of the EV batteries to optimize home energy management, reduce customer electricity costs and relieve strain… Read more »

Ford Pro and XCel Energy partner to deploy 30,000 EV charging ports for fleets by 2030

Ford Pro, the commercial division of Ford, is collaborating with electric utility Xcel Energy to deploy 30,000 EV charging ports in Xcel service territories across the US by 2030. The companies’ 30×30 initiative is a part of Xcel Energy’s Electric Vehicle Supply Infrastructure (EVSI) program. As part of this effort, Xcel Energy will offset most… Read more »

IRS Commercial Clean Vehicle Credit plus other incentives can make a commercial EV “nearly free”

The IRS Commercial Clean Vehicle Credit offers a tax credit of up to $40,000 for US businesses and tax-exempt organizations that buy a qualified commercial clean vehicle (an EV, PHEV or fuel cell vehicle). The IRS’s list of eligible manufacturers includes some 60 vehicle brands. But wait, there’s more. As Lightning eMotors, whose medium-duty commercial… Read more »

As 2023 wanes, legacy automakers fall farther behind Tesla and BYD

Ever since Tesla’s 2003 founding, industry observers (and even the company’s own execs) have been predicting that the giant global automakers would respond to the new company’s challenge, produce their own compelling EVs, and surpass (or perhaps even acquire) the upstart. Two decades later, that scenario seems more unlikely than ever. As Tom Randall writes… Read more »

ShockFlo’s new S1 home EV charger

Charging station manufacturer ShockFlo has released a new Level 2 residential EV charger. The S1 EV Home Charger comes in 40-amp and 48-amp versions. It includes an RFID card reader, an IP65 waterproof rating, a dedicated app and multiple installation options. Drivers can use the ShockFlo app to schedule charging times during non-peak hours, monitor… Read more »

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm takes an EV road trip, deals with charging challenges

US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm recently took an EV road trip from Charlotte, North Carolina to Memphis, Tennessee in order to draw attention to the billions of dollars in funding the White House is making available to promote electric vehicles. Granholm addressed audiences at town hall stops along her road trip. “Things are happening… Read more »