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Will designating China as an “entity of concern” spur the development of US supply chains?

The Buy American provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law have proven controversial in some quarters, but they are integral and necessary components of both programs. EVs require raw materials, many of which are disproportionately extracted and processed in countries that we don’t want to rely on. Thus, any comprehensive program to… Read more »

FLO marks sale of 100,000 EV charging stations

EV charging station provider and network operator FLO, headquartered in Québec City, Canada, has sold its 100,000th charging station, a FLO Home X5 unit to be installed in Toronto by Ridgeline Electric. FLO’s 100,000 charging stations encompass private and residential locations as well as a network of 75,000 public sites. They accommodate more than 1.5… Read more »

American Battery Factory and First Phosphate to produce LFP cathode active material in North America

American Battery Factory (ABF) has partnered with Canadian mineral development company First Phosphate to produce more than 40,000 tons of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathode active material (CAM) annually for the battery storage sector in North America. The agreement envisions LFP CAM manufacturing of $500 million to $1 billion annually at future raw material costs…. Read more »

Ford signs lithium and nickel deals to secure IRA-compliant supply

One way to gauge how serious an automaker is about electrification is to consider whether it’s securing supplies of the raw materials that will be required to build large quantities of EVs (as opposed to just issuing press releases about EVs). The US Inflation Reduction Act, which includes strong incentives to use raw materials sourced… Read more »

EVCS enables roaming across its West Coast EV charging network by partnering with ChargeHub

Two North American EV charging network companies, California-based EVCS and Quebec-based ChargeHub, have announced a partnership: EVCS will join ChargeHub’s Passport Hub platform as a charge point operator (CPO). The aim, according to EVCS, is to open its network to a broad range of EV drivers using a variety of e-mobility service providers (eMSPs), and… Read more »

Caterpillar to supply NMG with zero-emission machines and infrastructure

Canadian materials company Nouveau Monde Graphite (NMG) and Caterpillar have signed agreements to supply NMG’s Matawinie Mine with an integrated solution that covers a zero-emission fleet, supporting infrastructure and services.  The agreements encompass machines such as hydraulic excavators, mining trucks, wheel loaders, dozers and motor graders, as well as charging and energy storage infrastructure and… Read more »

Why California needs to mandate bidirectional charging capabilities for EVs

Explaining the benefits of bidirectional EV charging: Q&A with Nuvve CEO Gregory Poilasne The term “game-changing” gets thrown around a lot in the EV field, but if there’s any new technology that really does deserve to be described this way (as California Governor Gavin Newsom recently did), it’s bidirectional charging. Going bi adds several nifty… Read more »

Sayona Mining and Piedmont Lithium restart North American Lithium (NAL) project

Australia-based lithium producers Sayona Mining and Piedmont Lithium say they have successfully restarted production of commercial spodumene concentrate at their jointly owned NAL project in Quebec, Canada, at a cost of $80 million. The companies expect the project to be the only major source of new spodumene production in North America in the next two… Read more »

Taiga releases fast charging software update for its electric snowmobiles

Canadian off-road EV manufacturer Taiga Motors has released an over-the-air Taiga OS software update to enable DC fast charging capabilities for its existing battery hardware, permitting charge times as fast as 0-80% in 30 minutes.  In Quebec, where Taiga is based, an estimated 5,000 kilometers of the province’s more than 30,000-kilometer trail network are accessible… Read more »

Documenting the EV battery material supply chain: Traceability challenges, Part One

Q&A with OPTEL’s Ken Fallu Traceability is a topic we’re beginning to hear a lot about in the EV industry. The term refers to a process for documenting the source of a product, along with all the links in the supply chain, and it has long been important in various industries. Perhaps the best-known examples… Read more »