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IRA incentives set off battery recycling gold rush

As numerous EV execs have told Charged in recent months, the “buy American” provisions of the IRA and BIL are driving massive investments in domestic mining and processing for EV battery raw materials. Now a similar gold rush appears to be gathering speed in the battery recycling field. The voluminous Inflation Reduction Act includes a… Read more »

Nth Cycle opens nickel and cobalt production facility in US

Nth Cycle, a metals extraction and recycling firm, has inaugurated a 21,000-square-foot refining plant in Fairfield, Ohio to provide a US source of nickel and cobalt chemicals for lithium-ion batteries. Nth Cycle’s electro-extraction technology will convert metal scrap, electronics waste, undeveloped mining resources and refinery waste into nickel and cobalt through its premium Mixed Hydroxide… Read more »

NOVONIX and LG Energy Solution partner to produce artificial graphite anode materials for EV batteries

NOVONIX, a battery materials firm, and LG Energy Solution, a battery manufacturer, have announced a partnership to produce artificial graphite anode material for lithium-ion batteries. NOVONIX also agreed to issue $30 million in unsecured convertible notes to LG Energy Solution. LG Energy Solution and NOVONIX will engage in a separate purchase agreement when specific development… Read more »

Australia invests in lithium refining to reduce dependence on China

Australia is a lithium mining powerhouse—the country mines about 53 percent of the world’s supply of lithium. However, lithium must undergo several processing steps before it’s ready for use in batteries, and almost all of Australia’s lithium is sold to China, which dominates lithium processing. Moving the processing closer to the mines is important not… Read more »

REE Automotive adds P7-C Chassis Cab to its electric truck lineup

REE Automotive (Nasdaq: REE), a provider of EV platforms, today revealed P7-C, a Class 4 chassis cab offering a new cabin design built on REE’s P7 modular electric platform. The P7-C is designed to meet the requirements for the Inflation Reduction Act incentives, which are more stringent for EVs in Class 4 and above. It’s… Read more »

Ford signs lithium and nickel deals to secure IRA-compliant supply

One way to gauge how serious an automaker is about electrification is to consider whether it’s securing supplies of the raw materials that will be required to build large quantities of EVs (as opposed to just issuing press releases about EVs). The US Inflation Reduction Act, which includes strong incentives to use raw materials sourced… Read more »

Piedmont Lithium and partner Sayona to provide lithium to LG Chem and Tesla from Quebec mines

Lithium producers are hustling to establish production in North America, and that’s a positive thing. However, it’s not going to happen at Silicon Valley speed. The mining industry has its own complex product cycles, and its own terminology, complete with plenty of acronyms. Piedmont Lithium’s joint venture partner, Sayona Mining, has released a definitive feasibility… Read more »

EPA seeks public comments on costs and availability of electric trucks and infrastructure

The EPA is in the process of developing funding programs for electric trucks and charging infrastructure under the Inflation Reduction Act. To guide its efforts as it finalizes what is sure to be a complex set of programs and regulations, the agency is asking for public input about the availability of zero-emission technologies in the… Read more »

SK On partners with Westwater Resources to develop anode materials in US

South Korean battery manufacturer SK On has signed a joint development agreement (JDA) with US graphite company Westwater Resources (NYSE: WWR) as part of efforts to strengthen its battery raw material supply chain in North America. Under the agreement, the two companies will work together to develop environmentally responsible anode materials tailored for SK On… Read more »