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Porsche foresees 800-volt DC charging

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on about EVs, it’s that ranges need to become longer. That means battery capacities need to grow, and therefore charging levels will have to increase as well, if charging times are to stay the same (or, preferably, become shorter). One company that’s been working on higher charging levels… Read more »

Dutch buyers get four years of fast charging with Nissan EVs

Fastned, a charging network operator in the Netherlands, has partnered with Nissan to offer a free charging package to Nissan EV drivers. Fastned currently has a network of over 50 public charging stations, and says it is building an average of one new station per week. Every Dutch buyer of a new Nissan LEAF or… Read more »

ABB to build nationwide charging network in the Netherlands

Fastned, a Dutch operator of EV charging stations, has chosen Switzerland-based ABB to build an extensive network of fast chargers in the Netherlands. Once completed, the 200+ station network will put all 16.7 million Dutch residents within 50 kilometers of a charging station. Each station will feature a solar canopy, and will be equipped with… Read more »