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European Fastned charging stations reach break-even point

Netherlands-based charging network operator Fastned has announced that its first two stations reached the break-even point in March. Revenues generated at the two stations outpaced operating expenses, which include the purchase of power, grid connection fees, license costs, land leasing, cleaning and maintenance. Fastned expects more stations to pass the break-even point in the coming… Read more »

Fastned installs first urban fast charging station in The Hague

Dutch charging network operator Fastned has installed a fast charging station in the historic city of The Hague, next to the Huis ten Bosch Royal Palace. It is the first of five stations planned for the city. Fastned already has 55 fast charging stations along Dutch highways, and is now expanding its network to urban… Read more »

Fastned introduces intelligent trip planner for EV drivers

The Dutch charging network operator Fastned has launched a trip planner designed to help EV drivers plan the fastest route to their destination, including fast charging stops. The new navigation tool is available in mobile, tablet and desktop versions. The app features an algorithm developed specifically for Fastned fast charging stations. It calculates the optimal… Read more »

Fastned: More powerful fast charging offers economies of scale

EV charging is still a new frontier – companies involved in the fast-growing industry still have a lot of questions about what kind of charging, and what levels, will prove to be the most cost-effective. Fastned, a Dutch operator of public fast charging stations, has published a blog that explores how charging speeds and station… Read more »

Fastned adds Tesla adaptors to its 50 fast charging stations in the Netherlands

Dutch charging network operator Fastned has announced that it will add Tesla adaptors at all of its 50 stations in the Netherlands by the end of March. According to Fastned, there are now almost 5,000 Teslas on Dutch roads, and more being delivered every month. The 50 Fastned locations will surely make a welcome addition… Read more »

Amsterdam-based Fastned secures three-year financing

The Amsterdam-based charging network operator Fastned has secured financing for its operations for the next three years. The company plans to use the funding to keep growing “until a serious charging market has emerged and a sizable share of its stations make a profit.” Fastned currently operates 50 public fast charging stations along highways in… Read more »

Fastned to build five DC fast charging stations in The Hague

Dutch charging network operator Fastned has partnered with the municipality of The Hague to install five DC fast charging stations in the city in 2016, Fastned’s first installation in an urban location. The stations, which the company says can serve 150 cars per day, will be located along busy city streets. “Stations in the city… Read more »

Dutch charging network Fastned partners with Nissan to offer free fast charging

Dutch charging network operator Fastned has partnered with Nissan to offer two years of free fast charging to new LEAF buyers. The EV Carefree package, which will be standard with new LEAFs sold in the Netherlands, includes a replacement vehicle for holidays, a service package and a home charging system, as well as two years… Read more »

Fastned prepares for 300 kW charging

Automakers are touting ever-faster charging speeds – Audi and Porsche both showed concept cars at this month’s auto show in Frankfurt that they claim will be able to charge at speeds of up to 300 kW – and Dutch charging network operator Fastned is determined to be ready. Fastned, which operates 38 stations in the… Read more »

Dutch EV charging network Fastned offers shareholders lifetime free charging

The Dutch charging network Fastned is offering investors a tempting perk: free fast charging at all Fastned stations for the rest of their life. Shareholders that invest over 25,000 euros in the company become a member of the Fastned Founders Club, and can immediately start charging for free. In 2012, Fastned was awarded a concession… Read more »