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Tesla earnings report shows progress, but stock market is unconvinced

As expected, Tesla’s Fourth Quarter & Full Year 2016 Update depicts steady progress toward the company’s ambitious goals. Compared to Q4 2015, almost all the numbers are soaring. Vehicle deliveries are up 27%, gross margins are up 110 basis points, and revenue is up 88%. Of course, expenses are way up, but losses are down,… Read more »

Tesla Q2 earnings: Continued losses, but steady progress

As expected, Tesla posted a larger-than-expected loss for the second quarter of 2016. The company’s plans to revolutionize several more industries are proceeding nicely, even as it stays resolutely focused on achieving the fastest production ramp-up in the history of the auto industry. If that sounds a little crazy, well, these are crazy times. Stock… Read more »

Tesla earnings report highlights critical importance of ramping up production

The latest Tesla earnings report followed the usual pattern: large losses today, but plenty of potential tomorrow. The Messiah of the Motor Industry reported revenue of $1.21 billion for the 4th quarter of 2015, and $4.05 billion for the full year, both healthy increases over the previous periods. Tesla delivered 17,478 vehicles in Q4, including… Read more »

Analyst: Tesla will reduce battery cost 50% by 2020

There’s a lot of future potential baked into Tesla’s stock price, but many stock pundits believe it’s headed even higher. Jefferies analyst Dan Dolev recently raised his price target for TSLA to $365.00, based on his belief that the company will be successful at lowering battery costs, and that this will improve its gross margins…. Read more »

Tesla: cost of providing Supercharging “immaterial”

Stock-market pundits are all over the map when it comes to Tesla. One recently predicted that the EV-builder’s stock price is poised to double, thanks mostly to a new Uber-like business that, so far, exists only in said pundit’s writings. Another insists TSLA is heading for a crash, claiming that the company loses money on… Read more »

Elon Musk vs the LA Times: Yes, Tesla has benefited from government incentives. And?

The LA Times recently ran a “now it can be told” article highlighting the various government subsidies and incentives that benefit Tesla and Elon Musk’s other companies, SolarCity and SpaceX – a total of about $4.9 billion by the Times’ reckoning.         Certainly Tesla, like many other energy companies and automakers, has benefited from a wide… Read more »

Does Tesla’s latest software update really end range anxiety?

The buildup was pretty big: earlier this week, Elon Musk’s tweeted that an upcoming software update for Model S would “end range anxiety.” The reality – announced at a press conference today – is neat, but perhaps not quite so game-changing. Software version 6.2, which is expected to be enabled in the next 10 days,… Read more »

Tesla’s next competitor might not need to build a single car

These days, the media insists on describing every future plug-in vehicle as a “Tesla competitor.” The latest putative challenger is not an automaker at all, but Apple, a company that has a lot in common with our favorite EV maker (including about 150 former employees). Reports that Apple has been bulking up on battery expertise… Read more »

Tesla Q4 earnings: still in the red, but great things coming soon

Tesla’s earnings report for the 4th quarter of 2014 followed the usual pattern: there’s plenty of good news, but the company is still operating at a loss; Elon Musk dropped his customary vague hint of more wondrous goodies to come in the future; and the stock market reacted in its usual way – TSLA shares… Read more »