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Tesla pre-owned vehicle program could be lucrative profit center

Tesla is developing a certified pre-owned vehicle program similar to those already offered by luxury brands such as BMW and Mercedes. “With the Model S fleet now heading toward the first cars hitting three years old, we are looking at CPO and how best to structure.” VP of Communications Simon Sproule told Automotive News. In… Read more »

Tom Gage on ZEV mandates, Tesla’s early days, BMW’s EV commitment and V2G tech

Q&A with the EV trailblazer Tom Gage Tom Gage is one of America’s true EV pioneers. He’s perhaps best known as one of the designers of the tzero electric sports car that provided the inspiration for the Tesla Roadster. However, that is far from his only contribution to the electric mobility field. Charged recently caught up… Read more »

Tesla does it again: sales, revenue, stock price take off

Tesla has done it again. Financials for the fourth quarter of 2013, released this week, show record sales, growing revenue and dwindling net losses. Wall Street dug it. TSLA stock has broken out past the $200 mark and set a new all-time high. By the way, the stock market utterly ignored last week’s report of… Read more »

Plenty to like in Tesla quarterly report, but red ink causes stock to slide

Tesla’s earnings report for the third quarter of 2013, released Tuesday, told a tale of steady, if modest, progress on almost all fronts. The company delivered a record number of vehicles, increased its gross margins, increased its cash balance – and either earned or lost money, depending on how you’re counting. Just over 5,500 Model… Read more »

Musk expands on Tesla’s Q2 financial report

Last evening, Tesla Motors announced its Q2 2013 financial results, and afterward, Chairman & CEO Elon Musk and CFO Deepak Ahuja took questions from journalists and analysts for about an hour. As expected, Musk did most of the talking, and covered a lot of ground concerning Tesla’s future production plans and international expansion.   On… Read more »