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GM Opens Canadian EV plant for BrightDrop Zevo electric delivery vans

GM and its subsidiary BrightDrop have opened up an EV manufacturing plant in Canada after completely retooling the CAMI Assembly plant in Ontario. The automaker began retooling CAMI for EV production on May 1, 2022, and in just seven months, the team installed entirely new production equipment covering two million square feet. BrightDrop will now… Read more »

Vale Canada to supply GM with nickel for EV batteries

Vale Canada has signed a long-term deal with GM to supply the automaker with nickel sulfate, a chemical compound used for producing cathode active materials for nickel-based lithium-ion batteries. Under the agreement, Vale will supply GM with battery-grade nickel sulfate, equivalent to 25,000 metric tons of contained nickel per year, which GM will use to… Read more »

FLO to provide up to 40,000 public chargers for GM’s Dealer Community Charging Program

Auto dealerships, which EV advocates have long seen as bottlenecks and bogeymen, could soon be deploying vast numbers of public charging stations. On the heels of the news that Ford’s US dealership network will be installing up to 4,000 DC fast chargers over the next few years, we learn that GM has selected charging provider… Read more »

Cirba Solutions and GM extend collaboration on EV battery recycling

Cirba Solutions and GM have extended an existing agreement to recycle battery scrap generated by manufacturing and research at selected GM facilities through 2024. The original agreement dates from 2021, and GM has already recycled more than a million pounds of batteries. Cirba provides GM with reverse logistics, disassembly and processing to return recycled materials… Read more »

GM and Microvast to develop new battery separator tech, build US plant

GM and battery manufacturer Microvast are collaborating to develop specialized EV battery separator technology, and to build a new separator plant in the US, supported by a $200-million grant from the DOE’s Battery Materials Processing and Battery Manufacturing initiative. Separators are battery components that separate the anode from the cathode, while allowing for ion transfer…. Read more »

Shell moves into fleet charging segment—fleet owners say they want to go green, but need support

Oil giant Shell seems serious about moving into EV charging—it isn’t just adding a few chargers to its gas stations, it’s targeting the rapidly-growing market for fleet infrastructure solutions. The company is no stranger to the fleet industry—it has fleet customers in 46 markets, and there are 8.5 million active Shell Cards out there. Now… Read more »

GM launches new business to sell home energy products

The EV is much more than just a replacement for the legacy petroleum-fueled vehicle—it reaches its true potential as part of an ecosystem that also includes charging infrastructure, stationary battery storage, distributed renewable energy generation, and software to make it all work together. GM aims to bring all of these elements together under a new… Read more »

POSCO Chemical to supply cathode active material to GM

POSCO Chemical, a global materials firm, has announced a binding supply agreement with GM for high-nickel cathode active material (CAM). POSCO will provide 13,770 billion Korean won (about $10 billion) worth of CAM from 2023 to 2025. POSCO plans to produce the CAM at its Gwayngyang facility in Korea. The GM and LG Energy Solution… Read more »

OneD raises $25 million in Series C funds, enters R&D agreement with GM

GM and OneD Battery Sciences will cooperate to research the possible use of OneD’s silicon nanotechnology in GM’s Ultium cells. Meanwhile, OneD has raised $25 million in Series C funding from investors including GM Ventures and Volta Energy Technologies. “Given a licensing business model and low operational costs, Series C funds will be used to… Read more »