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Earthling Automotive is training the next generation of EV technicians

Earthling Automotive, an independent EV service and repair shop in San Francisco, has expanded its EV knowledge program in response to the urgent need to train automotive technicians in the aftermarket. As EV adoption accelerates, “aftermarket repair shops need to be prepared to service EVs safely and at competitive prices, as consumers look for service… Read more »

Ag Free AMB Silicon Nitride Substrate for Automotive Applications

In recent years, high power electronics has become one of the fastest growing market segments of the semiconductor industry. With the development of hybrid/electric vehicles, the market for SiC based power modules is rapidly expanding. All power module manufacturer/designers are trying to get high efficiency and high-power density for the main inverter. However, the traditional… Read more »

A Cutting-Edge System-on-Chip Designed to Replace Traditional Automotive Microcontrollers

Silicon Mobility invented the Field Programmable Control Unit (FPCU), a cutting-edge system-on-chip designed to replace traditional microcontrollers in the automotive sector. Over the past few years, Silicon Mobility has been diligently developing the 2nd generation of FPCUs, known as the OLEA® U FPCU series, now opening access to lead customers. The OLEA U FPCU series… Read more »

Streamlining Automotive Vehicle Launches with RapidLaunch

Manufacturing flexibility is key to respond to ever changing customer demand. RapidLaunch is a globally supported control standard enabling manufacturers to launch vehicle programs in record time. Built for virtual design and commissioning using proven automotive specific architecture and network guidelines reduces risk and accelerates the use of new technologies and innovations. Join this session… Read more »

Application Specific MOSFETs and GaN Solutions for the Automotive Market

This session will discuss the latest Application Specific MOSFETs (ASFETs) designed for emerging automotive applications such as EPS Electric Power Steering, Airbags, Electric Braking Systems and other high power electrical functions in the vehicle. We will also discuss the latest developments in GaN Gallium Nitride with Nexperia’s recent introduction of E-mode Enhanced Mode devices for… Read more »

Motiv Power Systems’ new Argo electric truck features a purpose-built EV cab

Motiv Power Systems, a manufacturer of electric trucks and buses, has announced a new electric truck featuring a medium-duty EV cab designed from the ground up. The Argo Series is designed to support all medium-duty applications across Classes 4 to 6—including box trucks, step vans, shuttle buses, refrigerated vehicles, vocational vehicles and other specialties—and is… Read more »