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Enable the Best Efficiency of EV Power Electronics Using Advanced Real-Time Control Solutions

OLEA T222 FPCU is a safe and real-time automotive control solution. OLEA FPCU T-222 is the industry’s first Field Programmable Control Unit (FPCU), a unique semiconductor architecture defined as a combination of accelerated parallel processing and hardware flexibility for critical real-time control and ASIL D level functional safety. OLEA FPCU is designed to process critical… Read more »

Testing EV batteries? Here’s how to get to market faster without compromising safety

EV Battery validation demands more than iterative optimization; it demands innovation in multiple dimensions for which there is no playbook or best practices. Expectations on safety and performance continue rising. Regulations, standards, and ways to test against them change constantly. How do you keep up with this ever-moving target? You move faster by optimizing the… Read more »