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MIT researchers discover two forms of lithium dendrite formation

Battery researchers around the world are working on lithium metal electrodes, which have the potential to greatly increase energy density. But the drawback to lithium in this form comes in the form of dendrites, root-like lithium deposits that form on the metal surface and can harm performance and even lead to short circuits. Now a… Read more »

Researchers add compounds to electrolyte to prevent dendrite growth

Those doggone dendrites are the bane of battery boffins working on otherwise promising lithium metal anodes. Now a group of researchers from SLAC, Stanford and MIT have discovered that adding lithium polysulfide and lithium nitrate to an ether-based electrolyte can prevent dendrite growth and minimize electrolyte decomposition. Professor Yi Cui, Professor Yet-Min Chiang (a co-founder… Read more »

Real-time images of lithium dendrite structures could lead to better batteries

Scientists at the DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have captured the first real-time nanoscale images of lithium dendrite structures in lithium-ion batteries. The ORNL team is confident that its research, published in Nano Letters, will be of great benefit to scientists who are experimenting with different ways to tackle the dendrite problem. Dendrites form when… Read more »

Kevlar-based nanocomposite foils dendrites for bulletproof batteries

Those doggone dendrites are a bane of battery builders. These pesky fern-like growths can form on the surfaces of anodes during cycling, reducing battery life or even causing a catastrophic short circuit – this is how the battery fires on the Boeing 787 are thought to have started. A team of researchers from the University… Read more »

Researchers develop dendrite-free lithium films, an important step toward lithium metal anodes

There’s a lot of interest in using lithium metal as an anode material, because of its theoretical high capacity of 3,860 mAh g−1 (around ten times that of the graphite anodes used in typical Li-ion batteries). However, it doesn’t measure up in terms of cycle life and safety requirements, and one reason is the formation of… Read more »

Li-S Energy claims to boost energy density by 45% with new 20-layer lithium-sulfur battery

Li-S Energy has revealed its first 20-layer battery cells using its third-generation semi-solid-state lithium-sulfur (GEN3 Li-S) technology. GEN3 Li-S 20-layer battery cells use a patented low-flammability electrolyte Li-nanomesh technology and Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNTs) to prevent dendrite formation. Compared to the company’s second-generation lithium-sulfur cells, the new cells offer greater energy density and more safety,… Read more »