Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine
Issue 62: October-December 2022


Inside Exro’s all-in-one EV powertrain technology 

Exro Technologies is building a future in which an EV’s motor, drive, gearing and AC charging system are integrated into one highly compact and efficient system. Engineers are always looking for cost-effective ways to get the most range out of an electric vehicle’s battery pack. Exro Technologies is triangulating on a solution with three core… Read more »

A closer look at high-power interconnects and disconnects

In the electrical/electronic world, the terms interconnect and disconnect both refer to a means of joining two sides of a circuit together. The subtle—and entirely informal—difference is that an interconnect is directly or manually operated (inserting a plug into a jack, for example) while a disconnect is indirectly or automatically operated, for example the moving… Read more »

How to make heavy-duty electric trucks work in practice

Fleets tested Volvo VNR Electric Class 8 tractors for three years: Here’s what they learned. Large commercial trucks and other heavy equipment have run on diesel fuel for many decades now. Requirements for more aggressive emission after-treatment and the hardware to achieve that add cost and complexity for fleet operators. Rising fuel-economy standards during the… Read more »

Solar-powered off-grid EV charging stations offer surprisingly attractive cost advantages

Q&A with Beam Global CEO Desmond Wheatley During periods of rapid technological change, it often turns out that certain new products have highly useful applications that few—perhaps not even their inventors—originally foresaw. This may well be the case with the EV ARC, a solar-powered off-grid charging station made by Beam Global.  When we first covered… Read more »

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