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McLaren Applied shows production-intent design of 800 V silicon carbide inverter

Electronics and data systems company McLaren Applied is delivering prototypes of the latest generation of an inverter to customers for further development and testing. The company unveiled the production-intent design of the Inverter Platform Generation 5 (IPG5) at the recent Future Propulsion Conference 2022, and plans to begin full production in 2024. Designed for automotive… Read more »

STMicroelectronics introduces new line of EV microcontrollers

Semiconductor provider STMicroelectronics has introduced a new line of microcontrollers (MCUs). The Stellar E line is designed for EVs as well as domain and zonal electronic architectures. The company says that, compared to other MCUs that depend on additional chips to manage the control of silicon carbide power modules, Stellar E MCUs manage control-loop processing… Read more »

Infineon launches new 750 V IGBTs for automotive traction inverters

German semiconductor manufacturer Infineon has launched two new 750 V insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) designed for discrete traction inverters in automotive applications. The new 120 amp-rated and 200 amp-rated EDT2 IGBTs are AECQ101-compliant and use the micro-pattern trench-field-stop cell design also found in the company’s EasyPACK 2B EDT2 and HybridPACK. In comparison to the previous… Read more »

DOE announces funding opportunities for US battery supply chain efforts

Based on funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the DOE says it will provide $2.91 billion in the coming months to strengthen the US battery supply chain. The DOE says the funding will support new, retrofitted and expanded battery materials and cell recycling and production facilities. The funding will also contribute to research, development and… Read more »

CoFlow Jet teams with NASA to commercialize deflected strip-stream tech for electric aircraft

Aviation engineering and technology company CoFlow Jet has entered a Joint Ownership Agreement with NASA to commercialize the Deflected Slip-Stream (DSS) technology enabled by its coflow jet (CFJ) airfoil technology. DSS facilitates vertical takeoff and landing as well as hovering and cruising without tilt rotors, tilt wings or lift plus. CoFlow Jet’s CFJ technology is… Read more »

Volta Trucks raises $257 million in Series C funding for its Zero model line

Commercial vehicle manufacturer Volta Trucks has raised €230 million ($257 million) in Series C funding. The cash will be used to complete a fleet of design verification prototypes and a fleet of product verification vehicles for customer evaluation in London and Paris in mid-2022, as well as the continued development of the Volta Zero model… Read more »

Eaton consolidates commercial and light-duty EV products into new business unit

The Vehicle Group of power management company Eaton has consolidated its EV transmissions, gearing and differentials into a new ePowertrain business unit. Eaton provides 2-, 4- and 6-speed transmissions for commercial EVs, which enable clutchless shifting through a traction motor. The company says that, in comparison to the direct-drive transmissions common in EVs, its multi-speed… Read more »

Sumitomo Bakelite to unveil eAxle demonstrator

After sharing some early technical findings at our Charged virtual conference, Sumitomo Bakelite has released additional information about its eAxle research project. Sumitomo is developing an 80 kg eAxle demonstrator that it expects to be finished in late Q1 of 2022. Based on the company’s plastics, the eAxle has stator encapsulation that replaces traditional paper… Read more »

OCSiAl to build nanotube facility and R&D center in Luxembourg

Graphene nanotube manufacturer OCSiAl has received approval from Luxembourg authorities for a graphene nanotube synthesis facility to begin production in 2025, as well as an R&D center in Differdange, Luxembourg. The company’s graphene nanotubes are used by lithium-ion battery manufacturers. The company plans to invest $300 million in the production facility, which it says will… Read more »

SEMIKRON to supply German automaker with $1.1 billion in EV power modules

Power electronics manufacturer SEMIKRON says it has signed a contract worth €1 billion ($1.1 billion) with an unnamed German automaker to supply its power module platform for EV inverters. Tailored for silicon carbide technology, SEMIKRON’s eMPack is composed of fully sintered Direct Pressed Die technology that the company says enables compact, scalable and reliable EV… Read more »