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Battery-maker Verkor raises 250 million euros in financing for its Verkor Innovation Centre

Battery manufacturer Verkor has secured over 250 million euros in financing from the European Investment Bank and other investors for its Verkor Innovation Centre, which is nearing completion. Located in Grenoble, the 15,000-square-meter VIC includes an R&D lab for designing batteries, a pilot line with a capacity of 150 MWh per year, and a training… Read more »

Verkor will use V-TRACE to ensure the traceability and sustainability of its battery supply chain

It’s becoming increasingly important for battery suppliers and automakers to be able to document where their raw materials come from. Traceability, which has long been important in industries such as aerospace and food processing, is not just about deflecting bad PR—under the new Inflation Reduction Act, automakers will have to document the sources of their… Read more »

Verkor raises €100 million to build European battery gigafactory

Less than a year after its launch, French industrial company Verkor has raised €100 million in a funding round co-led by EQT Ventures and Renault Group, with the participation of the French government and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region. The funding will support the company’s expansion and the construction of the Verkor Innovation Centre (VIC), where the… Read more »

Verkor partners with Renault to manufacture battery cells in France

A number of companies and public/private partnerships are working to build a competitive and sustainable battery cell supply chain in Europe. One of these is the French battery startup Verkor, which just announced an agreement with the Renault Group to develop and manufacture battery cells. Renault Group will acquire a stake of around 20% in… Read more »

Startup Verkor plans to build 16 GWh battery gigafactory in France

After at least a year in stealth mode, French startup Verkor has announced plans to build a battery gigafactory in France. The facility, which is to open in 2023, will have an initial annual capacity of 16 GWh, which could be expanded to 50 GWh at a later date. The new company says it will… Read more »

Verifying the origin of EV battery materials at the source: Traceability challenges, Part Two

Q&A with Bureau Veritas’s Stéphane Ponthieux Traceability—the process of documenting the source of a product and the links in its supply chain, has long been important in various industries (aerospace, food, pharmaceuticals). It’s now becoming a hot topic in the EV industry, because the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), as well… Read more »

Documenting the EV battery material supply chain: Traceability challenges, Part One

Q&A with OPTEL’s Ken Fallu Traceability is a topic we’re beginning to hear a lot about in the EV industry. The term refers to a process for documenting the source of a product, along with all the links in the supply chain, and it has long been important in various industries. Perhaps the best-known examples… Read more »