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Mercedes CTO says solid-state batteries may not be necessary

Solid-state battery technology is widely expected to be the next big thing in the EV world, as it promises higher energy density, lower cost and more safety than current Li-ion designs. However, Mercedes Chief Technology Officer Markus Schäfer recently voiced a contrarian view, saying that solid-state batteries “may not be necessary,” thanks to developments in… Read more »

Comau and LiNa develop automated manufacturing for solid-state sodium batteries

Comau, an Italian industrial automation company and LiNa, a solid-state sodium battery manufacturer, are developing a scalable manufacturing solution for sodium-metal-chloride battery cells. Comau provided LiNa with a detailed cell manufacturing automation roadmap. Comau and LiNa engineers designed the enclosure and handling equipment for solid-state battery cell components. They also identified and integrated commercially available… Read more »

Nio says it’s ready to use semi-solid-state batteries in production EVs

Solid-state batteries promise improved performance and safety compare to current technology, and they may be getting close to commercial deployment. The latest step forward: semi-solid-state batteries may soon appear in production vehicles in China (sigh…where else?). Chinese battery specialist WeLion has delivered its first semi-solid-state battery cells to EV manufacturer Nio, which plans to use… Read more »

MAHLE helps develop thermal management system for ProLogium’s solid-state EV batteries

Solid-state EV batteries may not represent the Holy Grail (despite the credulous gushings of mainstream media pundits), but they are expected to deliver improved safety, energy density and lifespan compared to current lithium-ion battery technology. Taiwan-based startup ProLogium Technology and automotive supplier MAHLE have signed an MoU for the development of a thermal management system… Read more »

Factorial earns UN 38.3 certification to ship 100 Ah solid-state batteries

Factorial Energy, a Massachusetts solid-state battery developer, has received UN 38.3 safety certification for its 100+ Ah automotive solid-state batteries. The UN 38.3 standard governs the safe transport of lithium-ion and lithium-metal batteries. It includes crush, thermal, vibration, shock, external short circuit, altitude simulation and forced discharge tests that are conducted by a third party…. Read more »

DOE issues $16-million lab call to strengthen domestic manufacture of solid-state and flow batteries

A new lab call promotes collaboration between DOE National Laboratories and industry partners to accelerate the development, from innovation to scale-up and commercialization, of the manufacture of two types of advanced batteries: solid-state and flow. Solid-state batteries are widely considered to be a safer alternative to current batteries that use liquid electrolytes. Flow batteries, which… Read more »

LiNa Energy demonstrates dynamic containment with its solid-state sodium batteries

LiNa Energy, a developer of solid-state sodium batteries, has successfully completed an independent demonstration of its batteries for energy storage systems. In the test, a 1 kW / 1 kWh LiNa system performed dynamic containment. This is a key revenue stream for battery energy storage systems in the UK, which requires rapid injection and absorption… Read more »

Engineers find a novel way to control dendrite propagation in solid-state batteries

Solid-state batteries are a major focus for battery researchers, as they could offer weight and size reductions, as well as greater safety, compared to current Li-ion designs. However, they have a major drawback: dendrites, root-like structures that build up on the lithium surface and penetrate the solid electrolyte, eventually crossing from one electrode to the… Read more »

New electrode material preserves its volume, solving a major limitation of solid-state batteries

Solid-state batteries (SSBs) offer several potential advantages over current lithium-ion batteries, including improved safety and faster charging. However, SSBs suffer from a problem that limits their durability. When lithium ions are inserted into or extracted from the electrodes, the crystalline structure of the material changes, making the electrode expand or shrink. These repeated changes in… Read more »

Researchers develop method for stabilizing interfaces in solid-state batteries

Researchers at MIT and the DOE’s Brookhaven National Laboratory have developed a method for stabilizing the interfaces between the electrolyte and cathodes in solid-state batteries during the sintering process. Based on research reported in Advanced Energy Materials, the team found that when temperatures are above a few hundred degrees Celsius, carbon dioxide and reactions unfold… Read more »