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Dürr provides CATL with solvent recovery technology for electrode production

The Dürr Group, a global mechanical and plant engineering firm, is expanding into battery production. Now the company is delivering a technology for sustainable battery manufacturing to CATL, which the Chinese battery manufacturer will use at a new plant currently being built in Arnstadt, Germany. The order comprises several systems based on an eco-friendly process… Read more »

GROB, Manz and Dürr to provide battery producers with production tech

Three German firms–GROB, Manz and Dürr, have partnered to provide lithium-ion battery producers with production technologies. According to GROB, the partnership will “offer customers a powerful alternative to existing suppliers, who are mostly based in Asia. The three companies want to set innovative machine standards made in Europe.” GROB manufactures production systems for electric drives…. Read more »

Dürr to supply Cellforce with specialized electrode coating process

The Dürr Group will supply German battery manufacturer Cellforce Group, a joint venture between Porsche and battery company Customcells, with electrode coating for high-performance battery cells. Dürr says its process for coating electrodes is unique, because the two sides are not coated one after the other, but simultaneously. This accelerates the process, increases precision and… Read more »

Dürr to partner with Techno Smart for battery electrode coatings

A pair of industrial coating specialists, Dürr and Techno Smart, have reached an agreement to provide technologies for coating lithium-ion battery electrodes. Dürr CEO Ralf W. Dieter said, “With Techno Smart as our cooperation partner, we want to secure a larger share of this future-oriented market. The Japanese company’s coating systems are in high demand… Read more »

Assembly And End-Of-Line Test Systems For E-Drives And Batteries

teamtechnik (part of Dürr Group) is a world market leader in EOL test systems for e-drives and transmissions. In the field of battery production technology, teamtechnik offers flexible system solutions for manufacturing and testing of battery modules. In this session, teamtechnik will share its experiences from realized projects for improved production efficiency. Presented by: Ralph… Read more »