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Incharge Energy launches turnkey EV charging service for auto dealers

Fleet electrification service provider InCharge Energy has launched a turnkey EV charging service for auto and truck dealerships, and claims to have already signed up more than 500 dealers in North America. InCharge’s new service is designed to provide EV charging solutions for dealers so they can focus on selling and servicing vehicles. InCharge has… Read more »

Surprise! New study finds auto dealerships unprepared for EVs

EV boosters have long been frustrated by the lack of electro-enthusiasm at most auto dealerships. Market research company Ipsos RDA recently investigated the situation, and found that the EV sales process at traditional dealers “has not been differentiated from the traditional process and is, in effect, passive. The [lack] of inventory, as well as critical… Read more »

Are auto dealers the EV’s worst enemy?

It’s safe to say that car dealers aren’t a particularly beloved bunch. Shopping for a car may not be as bad as going to the dentist, but for many people, it’s right up there. Technically-minded buyers find it frustrating to try to glean some factual information from the typical rambling sales pitch, while more gentle… Read more »

Governor Cuomo backs New York auto dealers in battle against Tesla

As the spring fighting season approaches, New York auto dealers are preparing for a new assault in their campaign against Tesla. Last June, the New York State Assembly ended its legislative session without advancing a pair of bills that would have prevented Tesla from selling its electric vehicles directly to consumers in the state. However,… Read more »

Tesla vs auto dealers: Model S test drive trumps campaign cash

In its battle with auto dealers across the nation, Tesla has begun deploying its own lobbyists to take on the dealer groups’ well-financed troops. At the same time, another tactic may be even more effective – letting lawmakers drive a Model S themselves. Letting the car speak for itself seems to have done the trick… Read more »

Judge dismisses Massachusetts auto dealers’ lawsuit against Tesla

The good news just keeps rolling in for Tesla. This week a Massachusetts Superior Court judge dismissed a lawsuit that the Massachusetts Automobile Dealers Association had filed against the company, based upon the auto dealers’ lack of standing and failure to state a claim. Tesla plans to build its own network of stores, rather than… Read more »

Plug In America joins with National Automobile Dealers Association to train dealers to sell EVs

Auto dealerships have long been considered a roadblock for EV adoption, as salespeople lack the necessary expertise to inform customers about how EVs work. Advocacy group Plug In America has been working hard to change this. Now the group has announced a partnership with the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and the Center for Sustainable… Read more »

Two thirds of Ford dealers opt to get certified to sell EVs, install public DC fast chargers

Auto dealers are widely considered to be a bottleneck for EV adoption, but it doesn’t have to be that way. EV-savvy automakers such as VW, GM, and Ford have no plans (that we know of) to abandon the dealership model, but they are taking steps to make sure their dealers have the assets they need… Read more »

Ford establishes requirements for dealers to sell EVs

Auto dealers have long been considered a bottleneck for EV sales, and automakers that are serious about selling EVs are working closely with their dealers to make the necessary changes (and to weed out those who really don’t want to go electric). Ford has now unveiled an electrification strategy to its  3,000-strong dealer network. Dealers… Read more »