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Green Battery and Volt Carbon developing battery anodes made with high-grade graphite

Green Battery Minerals and Volt Carbon Technologies are working together to develop battery anodes made with high-grade graphite. Testing of graphite refined from Green Battery’s Berkwood property confirmed its suitability for lithium-ion batteries, and now Volt has begun battery anode development using Green Battery graphite. Using the super-jumbo flake graphite concentrate derived from rock samples… Read more »

Volt Carbon stakes mining claims in Ontario

Volt Carbon Technologies recently announced the acquisition of the Abamasagi Lake Lithium Project, located northwest of Nakina, Ontario. The company registered a total of 150 mining claim cells covering a total area of 3,100 hectares. The Ontario Ministry of Northern Development has recommended the area as a “grassroots exploration property” for lithium, based on lake… Read more »

Northvolt’s sodium-ion battery validated at 160 Wh/kg

Northvolt has introduced a sodium-ion battery for energy storage systems. The cell has been validated for specific energy exceeding 160 Wh/kg at Northvolt Labs in Västerås, Sweden. Northvolt developed the sodium-ion technology for the battery together with research partner Altris. The battery uses abundant iron and sodium and is safer, cheaper and more sustainable than… Read more »

Scania and Northvolt say their new battery can power electric trucks for 1.5 million km

Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania and Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt have unveiled a jointly developed lithium-ion battery cell for heavy EVs, which they say is capable of powering trucks for 1.5 million kilometers. The specifications of the prismatic cell include a 157 Ah capacity and a nominal voltage of 3.6 V. Produced with fossil-free electricity… Read more »

Volta Trucks announces first production orders of over 300 vehicles

Swedish commercial EV manufacturer Volta Trucks has received its first orders for over 300 units of its medium-duty urban delivery electric truck Volta Zero, with associated revenue of more than €85 million. Series production Volta Zeros are expected to start rolling off the line of the company’s contract manufacturing facility in Steyr, Austria, in early… Read more »

Shell to acquire EV charging network Volta for $169 million

The oil giants, flush with cash after a year of record profits, are on a buying spree in the EV charging space. The latest company to be gobbled up is Volta Charging, which will be acquired by Shell USA in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $169 million. Shell USA will acquire all outstanding shares… Read more »

Stora Enso and Northvolt partner to develop wood-based batteries

Just as you’ve always suspected, the powers that be have been keeping a cheap miracle technology from us—batteries can be made not from scarce and expensive minerals, but from wood! Well, not exactly. But in fact, lignin, a plant-derived polymer, is a renewable source of carbon, and two European firms have launched a project that… Read more »

Volta to deploy 25 public chargers in Hoboken, NJ at no cost to city

Charging provider Volta (NYSE: VLTA) has announced a partnership with the city of Hoboken, New Jersey to install 25 public EV charging stalls over the next 18 months. Volta integrates “an eye-catching digital media network” into its public charging stations, which can generate media revenue immediately upon installation, enabling Volta to offset the development and… Read more »

Britishvolt forms JV to source nickel sulphate from Indonesia

Battery pioneer Britishvolt will partner with VKTR, a new division of Indonesian industrial conglomerate Bakrie & Brothers, to develop a supply of nickel sulphate from Indonesia. A new joint venture called Indovolt BV VKTR will establish a nickel sulphate facility in Indonesia to supply battery raw materials to Britishvolt’s Gigaplant in Northumberland, England. The companies… Read more »

Britishvolt secures £40 million additional investment for UK battery factory

UK startup Britishvolt, which has an ambitious plan to build one of the UK’s few large-scale battery factories, has secured £40 million in new investment from mining giant Glencore. Britishvolt aims to triple its funding with £200 million in a third funding round, with Glencore serving as the anchor investor. Earlier funding rounds valued Britishvolt… Read more »