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Novel current collector is designed to stop battery thermal runaway

Researchers from Renmin and Tsinghua Universities in China have developed a novel shape-memory current collector (SMCC) that they say can stop battery thermal runaway in an overheated battery. Their paper, Early Braking of Overwarmed Lithium-Ion Batteries by Shape-Memorized Current Collectors, is published in the ACS journal Nano Letters. Unlike traditional current collectors made of copper… Read more »

Researchers create air-stable, waterproof wax coating for lithium metal anodes

Lithium metal is a promising new material for battery electrodes, thanks to its high specific capacity and low voltage, but safety issues caused by dendrite growth and instability in air caused by its high chemical activity limit its large-scale use as an electrode material. However, a simple and efficient solution could be on the way… Read more »

Tesla aims to build cars in China

Elon Musk, speaking at Tsinghua University in Beijing, said that Tesla is in discussions with government officials in China about producing its vehicles locally, and hopes to make a specific announcement soon. Some media reported that Musk spoke of building the upcoming Model 3 in a Chinese factory within 2 years, but he later tweeted… Read more »