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Scania establishes truck depot EV charging company Erinion

Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania has announced the formation of Erinion, a new entity specializing in truck depot and destination EV charging stations. To facilitate the transition to electric fleets and help fulfill Scania’s aim for 50% of its European sales volume to be electric by 2030, plans call for the installation of a minimum… Read more »

Scania broadens its range of electric truck options

Sweden-based truck maker Scania will expand its BEV truck offerings with the introduction of additional models, cab alternatives and power takeoff (PTO) solutions, as well as 6×4 bogie axle configurations for extra traction.   The EM C1-2 truck model, designed for construction-oriented operations, now comes in both 210 kW and 240 kW versions that respectively provide… Read more »

Scania and sennder establish JV to help fleets afford electric trucks

Truck OEM Scania has joined with digital road freight forwarder sennder Technologies to form a joint venture called JUNA, to advance electric truck adoption and promote electric solutions in road freight logistics across Europe. Berlin-based JUNA is introducing an innovative pay-per-use model for electric trucks. The upfront cost of an electric truck is far higher… Read more »

Scania and Northvolt say their new battery can power electric trucks for 1.5 million km

Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania and Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt have unveiled a jointly developed lithium-ion battery cell for heavy EVs, which they say is capable of powering trucks for 1.5 million kilometers. The specifications of the prismatic cell include a 157 Ah capacity and a nominal voltage of 3.6 V. Produced with fossil-free electricity… Read more »

ABB E-mobility and Scania successfully test Megawatt Charging System

Scania has successfully installed and tested a pilot Megawatt Charging System from ABB E-mobility. Deploying this high-power charging solution could enable operators to halve the charging time for heavy-duty vehicles, says Scania. Scania calls the testing, which was done to prove the technical viability of high-current charging, a first important step towards a future system,… Read more »

Scania delivers unique 66-ton electric truck to quarry in Norway

In the rapidly-growing EV market, it’s good to be skeptical of superlative claims. It’s anybody’s guess how long the electric truck that Scania recently delivered to the Verdalskalk limestone quarry in Norway will hold the title of the country’s largest, but this is definitely a pretty darn big truck. This 66-tonne monster has 3 axles,… Read more »

New Scania battery lab to include Keysight’s battery test system

Keysight Technologies, a test and measurement technology company, has announced that bus and truck manufacturer Scania has selected products from its Scienlab Battery Test System for Scania’s new battery lab in Södertälje, Sweden. The lab will add to Scania’s existing climatic-chamber facility for battery pack testing. The Keysight products Scania chose include: the Scienlab Battery… Read more »

Truck-maker Scania favors battery-electric over hydrogen vehicles

Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, says it will “gradually” electrify its heavy-duty vehicles, and that “battery-electric vehicles will be the main tool to drive this shift.” “By 2025, Scania expects that electrified vehicles will account for around 10 percent or our total vehicle sales volumes in Europe and by… Read more »

Scania introduces range of electric trucks

Scania, a major Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles, has announced a pair of new plug-in trucks: a plug-in hybrid and a fully electric model. Both versions are offered with L- and P-series cabs, and can be configured for general cargo, temperature-controlled transport, or for specialty applications such as hooklifts, tippers, concrete mixers, refuse collectors and… Read more »