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Libertine wins funding to develop free-piston range extenders for electric truck

Libertine has secured funding from Innovate UK to advance the development of its range-extender concept for heavy-duty applications. Libertine says its free-piston range extenders offer the efficiency of fuel cells and the durability of conventional engines, and its intelliGEN control technology solves the free-piston motion challenge, optimizing combustion conditions from the first ignition cycle. Libertine’s… Read more »

UK startup improves free piston linear technology, generating power with no drive shaft

A free piston linear power generator (FPEG), which uses combustion to generate electricity directly, using no drive shaft, could provide an EV range extender that’s far smaller and more efficient than a legacy ICE. Several research groups, including a Toyota R&D team, are investigating this intriguing technology. UK startup Libertine LPE has developed an FPEG… Read more »