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Leclanché selected to supply battery systems for a second pair of Scottish hybrid ferries

Swiss battery solutions provider Leclanché has won a second battery system project for Scotland’s Caledonian Maritime Assets (CMAL), for two roll-on/roll-off passenger and vehicle ferries (RoPax) to serve three Outer Hebrides islands. Leclanché won a contract to supply batteries for two 1.1 MWh Navius MRS-3TM Marine Rack Systems from Istanbul-based electric system integrator Elkon. Elkon… Read more »

Leclanché and Medha partner in railroad and commercial vehicle markets

Medha, an Indian supplier of vehicle traction systems and electronics and Leclanché, a Swiss energy storage solutions provider, have agreed to jointly sell their technology to customers in the railroad and commercial truck industries. The partnership agreement allows Medha to use Leclanché’s Li-ion battery pack solutions, including its INT-53 and INT-39 high-energy battery packs, for… Read more »

Leclanché’s aqueous  process reduces cobalt usage in NMCA cells, eliminates toxic solvent

Swiss battery maker Leclanché says it has found a way to reduce the cobalt content in nickel-cobalt-manganese-aluminum oxide (NMCA) cathodes from 20% to 5%, by using in a new environmentally friendly water-based process. The company’s G/NMCA cell has a nickel content of around 90%, which it says increases energy density and enables the reduction in… Read more »

Leclanché develops new marine battery system

Leclanché, a Swiss energy storage specialist, has finished development of a marine battery system designed for electric and hybrid applications. It’s part of the Marine Rack System (MRS) product line, and will be available in 2023. The Navius MRS-3 is composed of 65 Ah G/NMC cells with laminated ceramic separators, Leclanché’s M3 Energy battery modules,… Read more »

Leclanché announces breakthrough in safety of its battery technology with fire-retardant electrolyte additive

Swiss battery provider Leclanché says it has achieved “a significant breakthrough” in the safety of its lithium-ion batteries, without compromising cell performance. By adding a special fire-retardant additive to its electrolyte formula composition, Leclanché says it has lowered the risk of a thermal event by close to 80%. The achievement has been validated by Intertek… Read more »

Hybrid ferry to use Leclanché’s 10 MWh battery system

Swiss energy storage specialist Leclanché will provide a 10 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) for Scandlines’s Puttgarden Rødby 2024 hybrid ferry project. The company expects to begin the delivery in January 2023. According to Leclanché, the ferry will be the “world’s largest electric-powered hybrid ferry.” The new roll-on/roll-off ferry will provide service between Puttgarden,… Read more »

Leclanché consolidates e-mobility business, plans to merge it with a SPAC

In December of 2021, Swiss energy storage specialist Leclanché consolidated some of its business into a new Swiss entity called Leclanché E-Mobility, and plans to merge it with a US-listed SPAC. Leclanché plans to add to the SPAC’s $140 million by raising capital from a Private Investor in Public Equity (PIPE). The company says that… Read more »

Leclanché opens new production line to produce M3 lithium-ion battery modules

Swiss energy storage specialist Leclanché has developed a new line of lithium-ion battery modules for energy-intensive e-transport applications, such as marine, commercial vehicle and railway, and opened a dedicated new production line for their high-volume manufacture in Europe. The new M3 modules offer increased energy and power density compared to the company’s previous module generation…. Read more »

Leclanché develops 65 Ah lithium-ion pouch cell for EVs

Leclanché has developed a new high-energy 65 Ah lithium-ion pouch cell to meet the demands of bus and truck manufacturers seeking increased EV range and operating time. The new GL 65 Ah G/NMC (graphite/nickel manganese cobalt oxide) cells are specially designed for energy-intensive applications. They provide 10% more energy and feature a 10% increase in… Read more »

Leclanché introduces modular, all-in-one EV battery system

Leclanché has developed a modular, all-in-one battery system optimized for powering new and retrofit hybrid and electric commercial vehicles. The INT-39 Energy HV pack is a fully integrated product comprised of Leclanché’s M2 battery modules and the company’s proprietary BMS. It also features built-in liquid cooling and thermal hazard protection. “INT-39 Energy is a high-energy,… Read more »