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Is Fisker finished, or could it ascend from the ashes again?

In an industry replete with colorful and quixotic characters, Fisker stands out as a once-promising brand that, after almost 20 years of existence, has never quite made it out of the startup phase. The entertaining but tragic saga (which I have chronicled at length elsewhere), began in 2005, and includes a made-for-tabloids lawsuit with Tesla,… Read more »

Fisker teases electric SUV

Fisker Inc., the company Henrik Fisker started after the failure of the former Fisker Automotive, has announced that it plans to build “an affordable SUV powered by an enhanced +80 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that pushes the limit – with a range of close to 300 miles.” Fisker’s ESUV will be available in a four-wheel… Read more »

Fisker files patents on solid-state battery tech

Reborn automaker Fisker has filed patents for a new type of solid-state battery technology that it says could lead to much greater energy density and faster charging times. According to Fisker, current limitations of solid-state technology include low electrode current density, limited temperature ranges and non-scalable manufacturing processes. Other drawbacks include: low power and low… Read more »

Ricardo to integrate 800 V electric powertrain for Fisker EMotion

Fisker has selected global engineering firm Ricardo to integrate the electric powertrain for the upcoming Fisker EMotion. The partnership will include integration of Fisker’s proprietary charger, battery pack and e-axle systems. The EMotion powertrain, including the motors, inverters and power electronics, is based on an 800 V architecture, which, according to Fisker, delivers many benefits,… Read more »

Henrik Fisker to launch new company, build 400-mile EV

Danish-born car designer and entrepreneur Henrik Fisker has relaunched his namesake company, and plans to showcase a vehicle in the second half of 2017. The new luxury EV will be a “spiritual successor” to the ill-fated Fisker Karma, and will use proprietary batteries made by a new Fisker subsidiary, Fisker Nanotech. “We have really been… Read more »

Karma is Fisker is Karma: The Luxury PHEV company rebrands and continues hiring

Fisker Automotive, the maker of the star-crossed plug-in hybrid sports car called the Karma, has now changed its name to Karma Automotive. The Fisker story has been colorful, and mostly tragic, since renowned designer Henrik Fisker co-founded the company in 2007. It was involved in a lawsuit with Tesla, became an issue in the 2012… Read more »

The new Fisker shows signs of life, launches Customer Support Program

Fisker’s new owner, Chinese parts giant Wanxiang, hopes to bring the American automaker back from the dead. It made a promising start on its resurrection plan this week as it launched a Customer Support Program for existing Karma owners. A letter to current owners reiterated that the company plans to “re-launch the Karma and introduce future… Read more »

Fisker to be renamed Elux, relaunch the Karma by mid-2016

Fisker Automotive will be renamed Elux, unnamed sources have told Reuters. The company, now owned by the Wanxiang Group, plans to relaunch the Karma PHEV sports car in mid-2016. The Elux Karma is expected to be strongly based on Henrik Fisker’s original Karma design. It will not be assembled in Finland, the sources said, but… Read more »

Fisker is hiring, rebuilding its supply chain

Things are stirring at Fisker Automotive. New owner Wanxiang plans to relaunch the Karma plug-in luxury sedan next year, and the company is hiring – its online job board lists some 45 open positions, including engineers, managers and interns. Fisker is renewing its relationship with Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies, the supplier of the Karma’s powertrain… Read more »