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ArcelorMittal invests in electrical steel plant for EV motors

ArcelorMittal is investing €13 million in its plant in Saint Chély d’Apcher, France, which specializes in iCARe electrical steels for the automotive sector.  The company has been undergoing a series of transformations as a supplier for the electromobility market. Its iCARe range of electrical steels for automotive traction motors is a flagship product range. The… Read more »

ArcelorMittal announces new electrical steel products for EV motors

  As EV production ramps up around the globe, companies are developing ever more components and materials optimized for use in electric and hybrid vehicles. At this week’s Coil Winding, Insulation and Electrical Manufacturing trade fair in Berlin (doesn’t that sound like a glamorous event?), steel giant ArcelorMittal unveiled a range of electrical steel products… Read more »

New electrical steel production unit to open in France in 2024 for EV motors

Steel and mining company ArcelorMittal has announced that it will invest more than €300 million ($330 million) in a new electrical steel production unit at its Mardyck site in northern France. The electrical steels are intended for the motors of EVs, hybrid vehicles and industrial machinery. The company says its electrical steels have high polarization… Read more »

S-in motion provides smart steel solutions for EVs

Ten years after ArcelorMittal introduced its first S-in motion study for ICE vehicles, the company has released a new set of S-in motion solutions for EVs. The S-in motion online car configurator shows how advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) and smart solutions can be deployed to meet the weight, safety, cost and sustainability performance targets of… Read more »